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As much as I’ve tried to avoid writing my blog on anything relating to COVID-19, here we are. I struggled at first with knowing what advice I could give that was helpful and not wanting to dwell on what’s going on. Then I realized somewhere along the way that the things we’ve been doing every day for our clients for the last month are real life “how to adapt your marketing strategy during unusual times” tips. So, based on what I’ve been doing and seeing over the last month, here are 4 ways to adapt your marketing strategy for these uncertain times. 
As more people have been ordered to stay home due to the growing concerns surrounding COVID-19, our daily media consumption is rapidly changing. The pandemic is influencing consumer attitudes, behavior, and expectations, while shaping the foreseeable future of the advertising world.
In the world of advertising, account transitions happen from time to time. Whether you're getting a new account or transitioning off of one, this change can cause uncertainty for both you and the client. As the account manager, your goal is to make this process as seamless as possible. The last thing you want to do as the incoming account manager is to make the client feel like they are in unstable hands. Having a transition plan in place helps both sides feel confident about the changes going forward. There are four key areas to focus on during this changeover.

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The popular term is ‘sheltering in place’. We look at it as having just opened 27 satellite offices. Every member of our team is connected and collaborating to help our clients respond to the ever-changing nature of this unprecedented time. Find out how we can mitigate disruption, maximize momentum, and ensure you emerge on the upside of this down economy by contacting [email protected].