Canvas Rebel catches up with TXC's CEO, Ashley Landers

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Texas Creative landing big wins after ownership change

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Renu Robotics unveils new logo representing company's 'upward trajectory'

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Texas Creative’s CEO Ashley Landers among Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list

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The Power of the Hispanic Consumer.

The Power of the Hispanic Consumer

By Krystal Vela

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re reflecting on the importance of Hispanic marketing, and the growing influence and diversity of the Hispanic population in the United States and our region of Texas. For 20+ years, Texas Creative has been helping brands and government agencies use research-based strategies to reach Hispanic populations through customized messaging and media selection. Here are some data-driven insights related to Hispanic marketing:  1. Population Growth The  Texas Trib
We have so many Xs!
Category:Social Media

We have so many Xs!

By Autumn Fitzpatrick

Have you heard the latest in the eXciting world of social media? Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, aXed the Twitter name and logo for the new X brand. See what we did there? Musk tweeted, “And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.” Has this been his plan the whole time? One of Musk's early companies was an online bank called and now that domain redirects to the new or X. We have so many questions about the roll out and what that means f
A close-up of the new KIA logo on a red vehicle, Opinion: Is that new Kia logo any good?

Opinion: Is that new Kia logo any good?

By Josh Norman

Rolling out new corporate branding is a lot of things to a lot of stakeholders. For an agency like Texas Creative, it’s a unique opportunity to help refresh and reshape a client’s core identity. However, for most companies it’s an expensive endeavor and carries the fear of losing brand equity, indicating that something is or was wrong with their brand and requires a new narrative, and it carries the added work and costs involved with planning a rollout that leverages the newsworthiness of