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The rise of popular apps such as TikTok and Instagram prompted many companies, organizations, and national brands to seek alternative ways to target a younger generation of consumers. Many turn to social media influencers to accomplish this goal. Social media influencers hold power over many younger consumers because Millennials and Generation Z trust influencers' thoughts and opinions about a product or service. Most people on social media follow a particular influencer and feel like they know them personally, even though they have never met.
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Both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 have end-of-life events approaching. Now is the time to decide what the next steps are for your Drupal site.
Recently we helped our partners, the San Antonio River Authority, launch their anti-litter initiative. A year in the making, it started when residents received a bad report on the amount of litter that ends up in area creeks and rivers. Reflecting on how much work went into making this trash outreach initiative a success, below are a few tips that could apply to any public service effort.

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