Art Williams

Principal / Chief Information Officer

Art Williams

Responsibilities: Technical and Operations

Since joining Texas Creative in 2012, Art has applied his combined technical and business experience to provide clients with strategic solutions.  His unique ability to see how business goals can be achieved through straightforward technical applications has resulted in successful projects that move the needle for our clients.  He leads a team of talented, in-house web developers who each bring their unique skills to bear on every project by applying industry best practices with innovative ideas. The web development team builds websites, architects hosting infrastructure, and develops automation to meet every client’s goals.

Art is a regular contributor to technical communities locally, internationally, and online.  He has released many Drupal add-on modules and regularly contributes code to improve numerous others. Art also gives his time, expertise, and thought-leadership whenever possible by attending conferences, writing & speaking extensively, and assisting in the organization of Drupal events to grow the community.

Gallup Strengths: Maximizer // Achiever // Strategic // Learner // Analytical

"The most important thing when applying technical solutions to a problem is to not lose sight of the people who are impacted by the solution. Technology must not only accommodate but bring value to the people using it."