The 5 Steps of Design

Kelley Olmedo
Kelley OlmedoDesigner

You may remember that in an earlier post I talked about “How To Get The Most Out Of Your Designer” and the four building blocks to helping me be the best designer I can be for you. I outlined a brief methodology of design and we took a look at the type of information I, as a designer, want to review and study before the design process begins.

Next, I want to explore the steps that follow, which is sometimes where the REAL fun begins! Once discovery sessions, organizational goals and creative briefs have been executed and outlined, I go through a design process internally (and often with the client) where I think through the end-product and the approach required. Let me take you through a simplified version the process requires for an annual report:

1) Design

I would lay out a cover design plus one interior spread, and typically two options of each, which is then sent to the client for review.

2) Client Review

The client is presented with both options to review for a decision on which look and feel I should move forward with.

3) Design (round two)

Once an option is chosen, I need all content from the client or copywriter and I’m able to finish the design.

4) Client Revisions

There are usually a few rounds of back-and-forth revisions with the client, but these can be reduced by making sure all content has been proofed and finalized.

5) Final Sign Off

Once approved, we prep the file for printing and release to the printer. We typically handle reviewing proofs and press checks. (It's preferred that we handle reviewing the printers' proofs and press checks ourselves, so we can ensure our design progresses perfectly through the final printed piece)

I hope this gives you a little more insight as to how a design project actually progresses!