8 Tips to Power Up Google Searches

Author:Texas Creative
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When companies come to Texas Creative for help with reputation management, our first strategy is to perform a comprehensive Google search to explore what type of information about the client is out there. I thought we were thorough at SEO research until I stumbled upon a Twitter post by Chris Hladczuk (@chrishladthat walked through the “8 Googling Tips You Probably Don’t Know”. I will share his tips below.

These tips offer great efficiency when trying to find the things you want and avoid the things you don’t. Google is a very powerful tool in advertising and marketing consulting work. We use it for researching content for websites we design and build. We help clients improve and repair their reputations online with sound advice, and we study the business so we always have the cutting edge approach to building an online presence for businesses at every life cycle of their company. 

Tip #1:  “Quotation Marks”

Put quotes around search terms to let you search exactly for that phrase. In our case, I have to always do that with “Texas Creative” or I would otherwise get results for “Texas” and “Creative”.  

Tip #2: -- Dashes

If you want to exclude a term from your search, include a hyphen before that word. 

Example: spurs-basketball if you want to look at “spurs” and not our championship Spurs basketball team. 

Tip #3: ~ Tilde

Use a tilde when you want synonyms to appear in the result.

Example: music ~classes and you will get music classes, lessons, coaching, etc. 

Tip #4: | Vertical Bar

This is the same as using OR.

Example: Netflix | Hulu and you’ll get results for both. 

Tip #5: .. Two Periods

Use two periods to search within a 2 number range.

Example: movies 2000..2020

Tip #6: Location

Find news related to a specific location.

Example: Margaritas location:sanantonio and you will find all sorts of “Best Of” lists to choose from. 

Tip #7: Filetype

If you are looking for a specific PDF or any other file type in your search you can filter out all of the clickbait responses and other articles you don’t need. 

Example: david robinson filetype:pdf

Tip #8: Site

Use this search to find something within a specific website.

Example: logo site:texascreative.com will deliver a quick search response featuring all of the great brands we have designed and featured on our website, as well as links to informative and educational blogs about logos and branding.


Perfect your Google results by using these tips the next time you need a shortcut. It opens up a whole new world to the power of Google. 


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