An Account Manager Girl in a Web Developer World

Rebecca Kellogg
Rebecca KelloggAccount Director
An Account Manager Girl in a Web Developer World

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending Texas Camp with the web team here at Texas Creative. Texas Camp is a day of curated sessions and panel conversations, and is hosted by volunteers from the regional Drupal community. I know what you’re thinking, why would an Account Manager go to a day-long session about web development? Well, 1. Websites are secretly (probably not-so secret to some of my co-workers) my favorite projects to work on and 2. I personally think that it benefits everyone (both clients and agency employees) to learn as much as possible in the ever-changing digital space.

I went to six sessions throughout the day and learned about topics ranging from crafting the perfect case study, to SEO and content creation, accessibility, and even a little bit about Salesforce integration. For all of my Account Managers and clients out there, here are a few of the things I learned at Texas Camp, and why I think even you should go next year if you have the chance. 

The first session was about writing case studies, which was great because I have to write case studies frequently for new businesses and it wasn’t something I expected to get out of my day at Texas Camp. In this session, we discussed how to frame up your case study in order to clearly sell the business value of your work, as well as the right tone and length to put together a successful case study. I’ve actually been able to use the tips I learned in this session multiple times in the last few weeks and it has made the process of writing case studies much easier. 

One of the other sessions I went to was all about website accessibility, which is a very big topic in the advertising world right now. During this session we walked through tools that can help make the process of building an accessible website easier. While the actual technicals of how these things work was a bit over my head, it was helpful to hear what I, as an Account Manager, should be looking out for throughout  the design and development process on a website, and how we as an agency can help educate our clients on how to improve their site’s accessibility. 

The last session I sat in was all about SEO content strategy. This session walked through the subject of topic clusters, what they are and how they work, and how to reorganize the content on your site into these topic clusters to help boost your site’s SEO. In other words, how to improve your search engine ranking, without paying to play! Who doesn’t want to know how to do that? 

Overall, I really enjoyed my Texas Camp experience and would definitely go back next year. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to go to Texas Camp to go, even if you think it’s “not for you”, because you never know what you might learn! Did you go to Texas Camp 2019? If so, feel free to share what you learned in some of your favorite sessions!