Agencies Utilizing their Strengths for the Election

Author:Texas Creative
Agencies Utilizing their Strengths for the Election

Everyone should be utilizing their strengths to encourage those around them to vote during this election. Whether it’s simply sharing helpful resources on your social media or spreading awareness by word of mouth, something is better than nothing. One of the many perks that comes with working for a marketing agency is that we have the power to utilize our talents for the greater good of our community, and the nation, during this presidential election. At Texas Creative, we took it upon ourselves to create an in-house social media campaign that encourages people to register to vote and, ultimately, vote on November 3rd. With the help of our talented in-house team of experts, bringing this voting campaign to life was a walk in the park. 

Jennifer Alvord, our Social Media guru, came to me with the idea of wanting to post some social content that encourages people to get out and vote. After brainstorming some ideas and meeting internally with our department heads to ensure we executed this accurately and effectively, we managed to plan out an influential campaign called Good to Go Vote! The image below was designed by our very own CEO, Brian Eickoff. We were able to incorporate this design into the rest of our campaign. 

We made sure to do our research and make note of all the important election dates that would need to be addressed through our creative assets. For example, when early voting starts, when early voting ends, when the last day to mail in your vote is, etc. All of these important facts were to be the center of our social creative for the campaign. 

Once we really got confident about the message we wanted to get across, it was time to narrow down a look and feel for the campaign. Elisa Giordano, one of Texas Creative’s talented designers, got to work on building out each individual social post. Our web team also got involved in the campaign and created a web page within the Texas Creative site that had all of the links to voting resources. This became the landing page for our campaign. With the help of our in-house creative and web team, the campaign came together successfully and smoothly.

On top of this social media campaign, Texas Creative is also giving its employees that day off on Election Day. You can read more about the reasoning behind this and the importance of Patriotism and Voting in the workplace here. While a majority of my co-workers have proudly voted early within the past couple of weeks, thanks to our day off on November 3rd, we can still do a little extra for our community by volunteering on election day at polling stations. As an agency, there is a lot that you can do to utilize your strengths within the community. I’m happy to say that I work for an agency that does just that. 

At the end of the day, the work we produce here at Texas Creative is centered around the difference we can make through that work. And we certainly feel confident knowing that we did our part to encourage everyone in the San Antonio community, and surrounding communities, to get out and make their voices heard during this election. Be sure to check out the Good to Go Vote campaign on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts! And while you’re at it, make time to get out and VOTE!