Are You Following Me? The Reality of Behavioral Retargeting

Brenda GonzalesMedia Buyer
A person on a laptop with screens behind them with targeted advertisements

Have you ever had the feeling that you are being followed while casually browsing around on the internet? You spot a beautiful cashmere sweater on your favorite retail website and place it in your shopping cart for safekeeping, only to move onto Facebook to spot a big, bold ad with the exact same sweater you put in your shopping cart. 

I can attest that this has happened to me many times — dozens of Kendra Scott jewelry ads seem to find me everywhere I go online. I say this as I turn to my jewelry box and smile adoringly at my assorted pieces of Kendra Scott jewelry. Are we being followed online? No. Well technically no. I would consider this marketing tactic as a little tap on your shoulder from an item you’ve expressed interest in. This little nudge is an example of behavioral retargeting.

Behavioral retargeting is a form of digital marketing, and has been used by advertisers to target people who are interested in their products. The popularity of behavioral targeting among advertisers has increasingly grown because of its effectiveness. This tactic has been shown to save advertisers money and time — you have a greater understanding of where your advertising dollars are spent by targeting the right people. 

Here are a few benefits of behavioral retargeting:

  • Allows you to know your customers better
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Increase in user engagement
  • Higher number of ad click-throughs

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