Benefits to Choosing a Full-Service Agency for Digital Marketing

Krystal Vela
Krystal VelaMedia Director
Choosing a Full-Service Agency for Digital Marketing

According to a recent e-Marketer report, digital ad spending in the US is estimated to reach $129 billion in 2019 and is expected to surpass traditional ad spending for the first time in history. To be effective in this space, it is imperative to have a digital partner with the capabilities that will meet your business goals. In choosing a digital partner, there are several benefits to choosing a full-service agency to plan, develop and execute your digital marketing campaigns.

1. A Holistic, Strategic Approach

A full-service agency has the experience and resources to bring various departments together to establish a more holistic and strategic approach to a digital marketing campaign. Collaboration is key to the success of a campaign in which the digital media team, creative team and web developers can work in sync to optimize digital ads or landing pages based on performance, audience insights, etc. Additionally, a full-service agency likely has access to research tools, like Nielsen and ComScore, which can provide more in-depth audience profiles and digital usage trends that can guide the digital recommendation. A strategy backed by market research can benefit a client in knowing that a more holistic approach will guide the strategies across the various departments.    

2. Scale and Opportunity For Growth

In working with a full-service agency, a client is able to leverage the expertise relevant to digital marketing, as well as other areas of marketing, like brand strategy, creative concepting, traditional media, event promotions and production of various types of marketing materials. These other marketing efforts will likely require skilled design and production more advanced than the scope of a single digital vendor or digital-focused agency. Furthermore, the leaders of these teams likely have well-rounded backgrounds that include experience in both digital and non-digital marketing. As a company grows, a relationship with a full-service agency provides the opportunity for scale and opportunities beyond just digital marketing capabilities.  

3. An Integrated, Full Funnel Digital Approach

Another benefit to working with a full-service agency is the depth and wide range of digital capabilities that can provide clients with a full funnel approach. The top of the funnel focuses on awareness in which digital channels, such as YouTube or streaming TV, can be used to reach a more broad audience or help identify a new audience that is likely to convert. As your audience becomes increasingly aware of your brand, they move further down the funnel into consideration and more targeted tactics, such as programmatic buying or social media, should be considered. Once this audience has reached the bottom of the funnel, the primary goal is to drive conversions and tactics like retargeting are key. If you choose to work with a select digital partner, you may be limited in digital platforms available and miss out on opportunities that could help meet your goals.

4. Advanced Tracking of Digital KPIs

In unique cases, like at Texas Creative, a full service agency may have in-house web developers that help collaborate on the digital strategy relevant to advanced tracking and reporting. Once KPIs are established prior to the launch of a campaign, we have found it to be beneficial to work side-by-side with the website developers who can implement tracking pixels, help set up events in Google Analytics, and at times even re-build or customize landing pages to make the user experience more seamless. Furthermore, once a digital campaign is live, having an in-house web team also ensures that we can quickly address any concerns like high bounce rates and low conversion rates that are coming from the website user experience.  that needs slight optimizations.

When choosing a partner for digital marketing, consider these benefits that a full-service agency can provide for your company. From strategic planning, creative development, media buying, website development, and in-depth post reporting, a full-service agency, like Texas Creative, can be a valuable digital partner. Visit Texas Creative’s Services page to see the range of capabilities our agency can offer for your company.