Challenging the Misconception of Traditional Media in 2019

Challenging the Misconception of Traditional Media in 2019

For the past 2-3 years, almost all of the media articles have stressed the massive exodus from the traditional to digital. The “other media” have made claims that the audience from the traditional forms were eroding, moving into the digital and social realm. According to a report from Gfk TVB Media Comparisons Study from 2018, these claims have not been realized. Broadcast and Cable Television is still the highest reach of all ad-supported platforms at 81%. For the advertiser, the successful media strategy needs to include mass awareness (ie: television, radio and out of home), as well as more targeted tactics such as social and digital media.  

While the face of television advertising has changed, one thing has not changed, consumers are still watching tv. The methods they are using have increased exponentially. Now we’re able to reach people through broadcast tv, cable tv, connected tv, OTT (over-the-top); (Roku, Apple, Hulu, etc) or digital video (YouTube).

Purchasing spot radio is another vehicle that has continued to evolve over the years. Traditional radio stations now have inventory in their online streaming radio. There are now advertising opportunities in podcasts, Pandora, and Spotify as well.  

Out of Home as an industry has changed. Starting with traditional boards, they have added digital boards with the ability to sync up outdoor (transit shelters, airports, news racks) with codes that encourage consumers to sync their phones. There are opportunities in cinema advertising that will directly reach a captive audience before a major motion picture.  Another aspect of the in-theater advertising is the ability to capture their device IDs to retarget your audience weeks after they have left the theater with your message.

The digital environment has continued to change as the consumer’s needs and desires have evolved. We now have the ability to narrow down your desired consumer and reach them through a specific website and/or email options. We can even reach your consumer that has expressed interest in your product or event and retarget them weeks or months after they saw your product.

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Texas Creative has a full-service media department that has extensive experience in all forms of media vehicles and media strategies that are as individual as the companies we work with. Television, spot radio, print, and out of home are valuable vehicles for a mass reach awareness campaign to get your message out in the public view. In order to get your message directly into the hands of your target audience base, a strong plan that will include social media and digital advertising will deliver this promise. Depending on your strategy needs, your media mix should reflect your consumer target.  See our website for samples of our wonderful creative, graphics designs. Contact us today to see if your media strategy and vehicles can be strengthened.

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