Client relationships deepen with transparency

April 9, 2014 - 5:45pm
Jamie Allen
Developing Solid Client Relationships

Over the years, I’ve reflected on what makes a great client just that, but for Texas Creative, a couple of things float to the top. Our best clients know they need professional guidance, appreciate hard work and look to us for counsel and advice. They truly understand that we need to make a fair profit for the work we do. They also have an honest approach to their business and treat their employees well.

It’s one thing to land a client, but it’s another to keep and grow that client. A strong relationship only develops when there’s mutual trust.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Trust (n.): Belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest and effective.

Trust is earned gradually over time and can be lost in a split second. It’s been my experience that trust is built by complete transparency with the client.

Five Guidelines for Developing Solid Client Relationships:

  1.     From the moment you engage in a business relationship, tell them how you make money.
  2.     Be honest in your time sheets and clear in your invoicing.
  3.     When there’s a problem, be proactive and let the client know how you’ve solved the issue.
  4.     Have integrity with your vendors and pay them in a timely manner — they talk to a lot of people including your clients.
  5.     Create high-quality work for a fair price.

Most importantly, we work honestly with our co-workers. Our founder, Brian Eickhoff, has lived by this mantra: “If I take good care of my employees, they will take good care of my clients.” And because of that leadership, we enjoy many long-term relationships; some over 25 years and counting.

Take a look at our reel to see some of the iconic brands we’ve helped along the way:

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