A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life At An Advertising Agency
David Parker
David Parker
Vice President / Creative Director

“How was your day?”

If your answer is, “Same as yesterday,” you definitely don’t work here.

A day in the life of a vibrant marketing firm like ours is, to say the very least, diverse.

Each is a one-off, replete with unique challenges and new opportunities to wrap our minds around the marketing needs of a myriad of different businesses, industries, services and philanthropies.

If variety is the spice of life, we’re one very zesty organization.

On a daily basis, we’re channeling our inner engineer, chef, social worker, architect, environmentalist, banker, party planner, researcher, manufacturer, inventor, restaurateur, starter-upper, and tech mogul.

To be successful here requires a special skill set. One that doesn’t like to be categorically defined or confined. It’s virtually impossible to limit yourself to a specialty. The sides of our brains have to function like troops on the march. Left. Left. Left, Right, Left. (Or the other way around.)

We’re all crossover artists. Media and account types are intimately involved with creative development. Creatives are an active component of account management.  And strategic thinking is an integral arrow in everyone’s quiver.

The benefit to our clients? Partnering with a team that is uber adaptive. A tribe of quick learners and smart thinkers. A group that can flat-out flatten the learning curve.

Here’s a glimpse at some recent episodes of our version of Days of Our Lives:

Created the name, logo and wall graphics to launch a rock & roll themed, in-house health clinic for an Austin-based, global audio chip provider.

Ideated, designed and implemented a North American service program for a Swedish diesel engine manufacturer.

Designed and programmed an online portal to give medical researchers in the region the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Teamed with a Texas music star to produce commercials aimed at protecting Texas rivers and streams.

Worked with an established pizza brand to help reverse a downward sales trend.

Envisioned and created a multimedia campaign to address a vital need in our community: recruiting foster parents.

Helped an iconic regional food purveyor launch a new line of flavored popcorn.

Partnered with the largest retail nonprofit in the region to reimagine and re-energized their brand.

Developed and implemented a new personal banking technology campaign for a major financial institution.

Produced videos giving voice to abused single mothers and ex-drug offenders as they work to reshape their lives.

Collaborated with a group of enterprising restaurant innovators to introduce the wonders of Texas Barbeque to Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Conceived and rendered a series of massive, original art murals for a children’s science fair in Edinburgh, Scotland.

(Insert shameless self-promotion here: Details, creative samples and case studies are available at TexasCreative.com.)

Never a dull moment? Try never a dull Nano-second.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And by the way, “How was your day?”

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