Five Helpful Chrome Browser Extensions, from an Account Manager

Kimberly BoggsAccount Executive
Five Helpful Chrome Browser Extensions, from an Account Manager

I’ve always had an affinity for finding mobile apps that fulfill a niche need or offer a unique benefit. Whether it’s an app that helps manage my tasks and time, or an app that identifies birds by their call (essentially Shazam for birds), I enjoy exploring how I can enhance my phone with helpful tools. 

So when it came to having a desk job, I was looking for ways to optimize my personal computer. I began to search for desktop browser tools that could make my day just a little easier. Enter: Browser Extensions.


What are Browser Extensions*?

Browser extensions are small software add-ons that can be plugged into your internet browser to customize your experience. They’re available on all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari) and can add helpful features and boost functionality. 

To add an extension to your browser, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official store for your respective browser, such as Chrome Web Store
  • Search for the desired extension
  • Click the “Add” button, and the extension will be added to your browser

*When downloading extensions, please ensure to only source from trusted websites; review first for requested permissions; and limit the number of installed browser extensions running at once to assist with load speeds. 


My Personal Favorite Google Chrome Browser Extensions

Below are five of my most-used browser extensions in my role as an Account Manager (in no particular order). 


Whether you're composing client-facing emails, crafting proposals, writing blog posts, or social media content, the free Grammarly browser extension is helpful for all marketers alike. With a spelling and punctuation checker, grammar recommendations, and a built-in tone detector that suggests how you come across to the reader (arrogant, friendly, etc.), this extension is quite handy. As shown in the screenshots below, it highlights words as you write and offers suggested replacements in real time. 


This useful browser extension allows you to capture workflows by auto-creating step-by-step guides as you walk through your process. Instead of manually snapping screenshots of each step in a process, or having to video record a training session, you can simply:

  1. Select the Tango extension and click “Capture Workflow”
  2. Choose the tab you’d like to record
  3. Begin clicking through your process 
  4. Click the green arrow when finished. You’re then permitted to edit the steps and add hyperlinks. Once finished, you can invite team members to view, or export as a PDF (example shown below).


This extension allows you to capture a full-screen snapshot of any webpage. The advanced screen capture technology proves helpful when trying to take a screenshot of a website with lengthy content and embedded iFrames. Then you’re able to download the snapshot as an image or a pdf.  


Gmail Attachments to Top 

This extension is admittedly a stayover preference from my Outlook days. I’ve personally never liked how Gmail pins attachments to the very bottom of an email thread. Whenever you encounter long client correspondence threads and don’t want to scroll, this extension is greatly beneficial. Upon opening an email, you’ll see a gray box “Attachments found, move to top”. Once clicked, the attachments will appear at the top of the email thread (as pictured below). 




The free LastPass browser extension allows you to instantly log in to various websites without having to remember credentials, as well as offers a built-in password generator that supplies long, randomized passwords to keep access secure. Information such as credit card details and contacts can also all be stored within the LastPass “Vault” for easy data entry. I find this helpful since I require access to many client websites, portals, and various programs, so that I don’t have to remember passwords for each. 



Chrome Tab Tagging Feature – this is not an extension, but a bonus tip! This Chrome feature allows you to combine correlated tabs (i.e. per client), then condense them when not in use. As an Account Manager, I use this feature to help manage the number of tabs I have open on my browser at any one time. With numerous clients and having to regularly switch gears, I’m able to keep important tabs open and available, while reducing the clutter until I need to access them again. This also helps to reduce visual memory usage. 

  1. Right click any tab. Select “Add tab to new group”


  1. Type in the Title of your tab and select a color.


  1. Drag any other tab over and it will now be associated within the expanded tab.


  1. Then you’ll be able to click on the tab title (shown in the below screenshot as Client A) to condense all related tabs. This keeps your top browser menu looking nice and tidy. 


What are some useful browser extensions that you use?