Four Tips For Having A Successful First Day At Your New Job

Ana Fidencio-Ramos
Ana Fidencio-RamosSenior Media Planner
Four Tips For Having a Successful First Day at Your New Job

Whether you’re fresh out of college, or have been in the workforce for 20+ years, the first day at a new job can be scary, yet exciting. There’s so much to look forward to – a new chance to make a great first impression, new responsibilities to help you grow in your career path, new professional connections who could turn into friends, and even a new (and clean) desk.

According to career management expert, Amanda Augustine, "The first three months of any new job are an extension of the interview process. From the first day, you need to be on your game."

I recently joined the media department here at Texas Creative, and while I now feel more at ease, I recall my first few weeks being a little intimidating.  Change is difficult for me no matter how good it is, but planning ahead helped ease the nerves of my first day so I could focus more on my new responsibilities.  Use these 4 tips as starting points, and you’ll be off to a great start as you transition into your new job.

1. Be prepared to hit the ground running… or maybe not. Some supervisors like to start out new hires by throwing them into the fire. If that ends up being the case, be ready to jump in and show your strengths. Ask questions, but don't be afraid to do some problem solving on your own. 

It could also happen that your new company hands you orientation material to review and then leaves you alone. If that happens, this is a perfect opportunity for you to show initiative and your “teamwork makes the dream work” spirit by offering to help in other areas outside of your job title. Your new coworkers will appreciate it and this will allow you to mingle.   

2. Dress appropriately for the job. Unless someone has already given you a heads-up on the appropriate attire for your workplace, you want to stick with an outfit that projects professionalism and shows that you're polished and ready to go, at least for the first few weeks. Once you’ve settled in, you can start to wear more casual clothing based on the company culture.

3. Plan your commute and arrive on time. Map out your commute the night before your first day and double check your estimated arrival time. I highly recommend leaving at least 15 minutes early to allow time for any unexpected events along the way. Showing up a little early is okay, but being late on day one starts things off on the wrong foot in a big way.

4. Don’t overthink it or stress too much. Think of your new job as the next exciting step in your career. Don’t expect to learn everything at once. There will be things that are new to you, and getting used to your new “normal” will take some time. If you feel yourself getting stressed, take a deep breath, collect yourself, and remember that you aren’t expected to learn it all at once. Even though you’re bringing valuable skills and experience to the organization, it will still take a little time for it to all fall into place.

Congrats and good luck on your new endeavor!  

Do you remember your first day at your job? What are some tips that helped you?