Carlene Calkins
Carlene CalkinsBilling Assistant

When we first read about the Coronavirus epidemic, I’m sure we didn’t think much more about it. The distance between us and the origin of the virus was great, and nothing could happen to any of us because we are in the United States. This couldn’t have been further from the truth and there are many ways this affects our country directly as well as indirectly.


Now this one is big and it’s very much direct. Where does a large majority of our current purchases originate from? The correct answer is China of course. This affects the whole trade industry worldwide and most businesses will definitely feel the aftermath to a certain degree. Naturally, the first to feel the blow will be the mega companies such as Amazon and Apple, but in turn it will have a trickle down effect and touch almost everyone. Take a few moments by picking up an item in your home or office and see where it came from.  


Texas Creative is an advertising agency and a considerable amount of what we do now is electronic and not tangible. However, on occasion we do have the need for promotional materials that are often sourced from overseas, especially at certain times of the year. Once we create the artwork, it’s then sent to a vendor and transferred into something fun and useful. Without suppliers providing our vendors with items for this artwork, we experience that trickle down effect. It’s our business to satisfy our clients and help them to still meet deadlines, so news like this takes some serious strategy on our part to get the job done. 


We are all quite accustomed to ordering online and having delivery in a timely manner. Now is the time that we, as people, need to show some kindness and patience for the people of China, and those who have been exposed to the Coronavirus. This epidemic may be an inconvenience to our routines, our spending habits, and our businesses, but does not compare to what they are going through just to stay healthy and alive. Let’s all try to have some compassion and understanding if we experience delays during this time.