Improving Digital Advertising in a Cluttered Space

Jamie Allen
Jamie Allen
Principal & Chief Operating Officer

As with all things advertising, our approach to solid digital advertising starts with good strategy. It must be supported. It must be targeted. It must build conversion. 

All of our campaigns include some type of traditional brand building advertising to support the digital efforts. Without brand awareness, digital ads go unnoticed. Similar to when you find yourself tossing junk mail into the trash while keeping the direct mail from brands you recognize. 

In some cases, to amplify a brand and lift conversions, we deploy hyper-targeted, high volume digital advertising using IP targeting. 

Let’s unpack that a bit, as the field of IP targeting is very cluttered with many options. 

Our solution is unique, because we start with the physical location of a home or business. We can handpick addresses that meet certain consumer behavior criteria, identify the home IP address and advertise to them directly on their devices, computers, tablets and phones using the top 200 safe-space publishers. You could call it digital direct mail.

Here’s how this patented adtech solution works: 

  • Using consumer data from multiple sources, we are able to fill the gaps in this digital advertising ecosystem. Leading with the physical location, we can identify the home IP address and connect our advertising to the devices that the family is using to enjoy the internet. 
  • Depending on how fresh the list is we can typically identify 65% of the IPs with a 90% accuracy. That means if our list has 1,000 addresses, we can safely match to 650 of those homes. Your ad will only be seen in homes on our list. 

Here are some of the best uses of this technology:

  • Sports teams looking to convert single game attendees
  • Car dealers looking to conquest a competitor
  • Political candidates successfully raising money or increasing voter turnout
  • University alumni associations looking to fundraise
  • Reaching military members on base or college students on campus

These tools can better target digital efforts with no wasted impressions and virtually no click fraud. If you are interested in building a very targeted digital campaign, ask us about Echocast. 

Our approach is built on a technology stack that is 100% cookie-free, providing a clear advantage over competitive solutions

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