The Influencer Effect: Tips To Incorporate Influencers Into Campaigns

Samantha EsparzaAccount Coordinator
The Influencer Effect

The rise of popular apps such as TikTok and Instagram prompted many companies, organizations, and national brands to seek alternative ways to target a younger generation of consumers. Many turn to social media influencers to accomplish this goal. Social media influencers hold power over many younger consumers because Millennials and Generation Z trust influencers' thoughts and opinions about a product or service. Most people on social media follow a particular influencer and feel like they know them personally, even though they have never met. Below are a few tips to easily and effectively incorporate influencers into a campaign. 

Using Influencers Can Create Lasting Partnerships

By incorporating influencers into a campaign, a brand or company will build a lasting relationship with that influencer and the potential audience that they reach. Most brands seek that trust in their future customers, and influencers can help build trust between a brand and its consumers.

Influencers Set Trends

Going viral is what most companies or brands aim for when seeking out influencers. Finding the right influencer can create a cultural zeitgeist and have a lasting impact on society (if done right). Catchy songs, dances, and slogans have not gone away; influencers have just found a way to sneak them into everyday life a little better. 

Influencers Are Closer Than You Think 

Brands and companies think that they have to source influencers with the most followers. But that's not always the case, and they often cost a pretty penny. Most people trust a friend's thoughts and opinions on a product, and what better way than to use micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are influencers that have between 1,000 to 1,000,000 followers and tend to interact with their audience more frequently.  The use of micro-influencers has grown over the past few years, and that's due to the fact of follower loyalty. Most followers are loyal to an influencer that they can relate to. So if an influencer visits a restaurant or bar in their town, a follower is more likely to visit that place as well. Using local micro-influencers is also more affordable as well.

Influencers can be a great asset to any campaign and, when incorporated correctly, they can create a lasting impression. Connect with Texas Creative to find out how you can start incorporating influencers into your upcoming campaigns.