Media mix: A recipe for advertising success

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Jamie Allen
Jamie Allen
Principal & Chief Operating Officer

Success in the kitchen is directly related to the cook’s ability to read and prepare a brilliant recipe. One wrong ingredient, incorrect measurement or miscalculation and you hit the FAIL button and, in turn, probably post a humorous picture of your disaster on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

The same goes with media planning. It’s all in the mix.

In today’s media market, there’s a lot of discussion about where new media — the digital frontier aka the online ramp to consumer heaven — fits into the media mix. Has it replaced conventional media? Can my advertising work without it? And how do I take the first step?

Your media mix is essential to a successful campaign, and the strategy is built around your product, customers, goals and brand. According to a new eMarketer report, “US TV Ad Spending: Factors Shaping Today’s Television Market,” TV’s mass audience and reach continues to grow and has the attention of digital advertisers. Although there’s a seismic shift happening in digital spending and the growth is exponential on a national front, it’s predicted that traditional broadcast media (TV/Cable and radio) will hold its own while print and directories will continue to erode over the next four years.

Our job is to put the right media together in a way that maximizes the consumer touch-points with your brand message, thus increasing revenue. Sound simple? It does, but don’t be fooled because one wrong ingredient, incorrect measurement or media miscalculation and you have a flop on your hands.

There’s an art to creating a sound media plan and it should be designed by a professional — someone with an unbiased point of view who is trained and experienced to know what mix is best for the situation and what has worked in the past. 

Check your recipe today:

  1. Do you have a defined and specific target market based on research and data?
  2. Do you have a sound online strategy? (sorry, Facebook isn’t a strategy, it’s a tactic)
  3. Do you have a great website that you can manage, grow and expand?
  4. Are you in enough places with the right message at the right time?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions drop us a note at [email protected] and we can take a complimentary look at your media mix.

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