My Cancer Has Resurfaced Again

Cancer Has Resurfaced Again
Debbie Hamilton
Debbie Hamilton
Media Buying Director

After 10 months of remission, my CANCER is back. When you get the news that it’s returned, you think that the results are incorrect; you did all of the treatments to fight the cancer, how and why is it back?. Then you have to move forward and plan for how to fight this yet again. My plan is this: doctors visits, bloodwork and chemo treatments to attack the cancer again, and this time, conquer it.    

Because of the last two and a half years of my life, I have come in contact with a great deal of the medical community. I have had the pleasure of being raised by an R.N.  Over the last two weeks, I have been following the story about the State Senator’s statement about “Nurses playing cards for a considerable amount of time during the day.” I personally take issue with your statement.  So I have to say that, “Ms. Senator”, you are very much mistaken. Nurses are there for us when we are at our most vulnerable. They are there during our birth, when we are sick and when we lay dying. They are there when no one else can be bothered, with little or no time for lunch or even bathroom breaks. Nurses are very important to our lives.

Again, I get to brag about my agency, which is the BEST agency in town. They have been more than accommodating with my weekly doctor’s appointments, CT scans, labs and chemo treatments. They are allowing me to come in early in the morning, working through lunch to achieve the 40 hours per week in order to keep my insurance.  But my COO has gone one step further and started a fundraiser for my out of pocket medical expenses. Because my previous cancer journey was only 10 months ago, the previous fund was gone. This new fundraiser is to cover the deductible and 20% of the expenses on this journey.  

Now the challenge for me has been to not let anyone down at work as they have been so wonderful. I am the Media Buying Director at Texas Creative, and I handle most of the traditional media plans and buying within the agency. It is a job that I love and have a strong passion for. My first priority has always been, and will always be, my clients. Giving them the best for their money and making sure that it delivers RESULTS is what I strive for. Some agencies plan the buys, place them, and forget them until it comes time for collecting payments. Texas Creative is NOT one of those agencies. We plan, place, track and post everything we do in order to ensure that we exceed client expectations. This is MY JOB and MY PASSION. Now, cancer might slow me down (and make me sick, slow and hairless), but I will continue to make sure that what my clients are promised is what is received.

The challenge now is getting everything done in a 5 (or with the alternate schedule of 7) day work week. So, please be aware that if I am responsible for your account, it is not only me, but our media team/work family that will watch over everything to continue a tradition that has long been the “norm” at Texas Creative. My Media Director, Krystal, has been invaluable to my sanity as she has covered not only her job, but a lot of mine as well. Our Media Buyer, Kim, has continued to handle additional traffic responsibilities, so that portion of my job will always be covered. My Texas Creative family is just that -- family. I can't thank them enough for all of the support they have shown me and how much they have pitched in to keep our team moving seamlessly.

Please leave a comment regarding this blog or share a memorable experience about your passion and how a health scare has made a difference to you.

Also, please allow me to toot a horn for two of my immediate “arms” during this cancer journey; Texas Oncology and WellMed.

Texas Oncology’s staff has to be the most professional, caring, and wonderful people that I have had the good fortune of meeting. Their calm and matter-of-fact demeanor has helped me through more than one of my trying times.  

ThriveWell, who Texas Creative is fortunate to call our client, is a wonderful support of everything that has happened to me so far. They offer support, classes, financial aid, plus transportation to those in need, and they are a “friend” at the times most needed in your life.

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