A New Year, An Old Spirit.

A New Year, An Old Spirit.
Ashley Landers
Ashley Landers
Vice President of Client Services

As we’re all getting settled into January with big hopes and dreams for what 2019 will bring, I’m reminded of the phrase “out with the old, in with the new”. There’s one area in business that statement tends to ring most true come January -- focusing on financials.

Companies can get fixated with a new calendar year. Once their financial year closes, they can be quick to forget what we were all reveling in just a few weeks ago: the spirit of the holidays—a spirit of giving and of serving others.

But what if, as individuals, we started the year by shifting our focus outward versus inward? What if, instead of resolving to better ourselves in 2019, we topped our resolutions list with a plan to better others? And what if companies followed suit?

While we’re thankful for the promise a new year brings, we should also be reminded that there are many in our community that don’t know that simple promise. A promise of opportunity, a feeling of worth that comes from working to provide for those we love.

In San Antonio, per the latest census records, nearly 1 in 5 residents here — 18.5 percent — lives at or below the poverty line. We lag other major Texas cities in household income, and we remain one of the most economically segregated communities in the country.

So, at Texas Creative we’re trying something new this year.

Instead of waiting until the end of the year, we’ve decided to start 2019 with a gift. We’re giving back to an organization with purpose. A company that has given so many in our San Antonio community an opportunity to better themselves and their futures by resolving to put service above self. That’s why on Monday, January 28th, we’ll be closing our doors for an afternoon of serving others. All 28 of our employees will be joining Goodwill San Antonio at their warehouse to volunteer our time and help them further their mission.

That mission is “to help change lives through the power of work.” The lives are our neighbors, our fellow San Antonians. People like you and I that simply want the opportunity to work but have been forgotten, neglected or disenfranchised because of circumstances like lacking affordable childcare, physical or mental disability, or a past mistake. The beauty of what Goodwill San Antonio does that should matter to all of us is their leadership in workforce development.

Their large, complex organization delivers on their mission of changing lives by putting people to work. The work might be in their actual retail stores, but also accredited training programs like Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and Certified Nurses Aid (CNA), or via their Business Services contracts for electronics recovery, grounds maintenance and call centers. Did you know Goodwill Business Services provides professional grounds maintenance teams to service over 3,000 acres at San Antonio’s premier military installations, air fields and hospitals, and over 300 acres of City property, to include municipal buildings, Public Libraries and the San Antonio River Walk? Their Tree Care specialists were recently selected by the City of San Antonio to provide professional tree care services throughout the city at various municipal locations, caring for one of our city’s most important environmental resources necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem in our community.

Yes, right now you’re thinking, “Goodwill does all that? I thought it was just a place to donate stuff!” Little did you know your “stuff” has been fueling our local workforce. Keeping our city safer, diverting from our landfills while also helping people find a sense of purpose through work.

There are so many worthy non-profits in our community. Goodwill San Antonio is one of many we believe in. Our hope is this will inspire others to start 2019 focusing on serving, not just their bottom line, but their community.

So will you join us? Tell us how you will resolve to serve in 2019. If you need help deciding where to share your time and resources, visit our website to find additional non-profits whose missions we support with our work, our gifts and our time.

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