Traditional Media Is Fundamental

Author:Texas Creative
Traditional Media Is Fundamental

As a media professional, there has been so much growth during my career in the world of media advertising.  Traditional media vehicles; Television, Spot Radio, Newspaper, Magazines and Billboards, are no longer our only options in the new age of digital marketing, but they are still fundamental and important for brand awareness. As media strategists, it is our expertise to develop the best strategy for the advertiser and understand the role that traditional media tactics play in an overall marketing campaign. 

1. Traditional Media should be your main channel to direct consumers to your Social Media platforms

  • Media plans should use traditional media as a solid foundation that can direct the consumers to your more targeted social media platforms. 
  • Mass media tactics like Television, Radio or Billboards drive awareness and create interest.  When consumers are served the digital ads, they are more likely to engage. It is important and vital to have multiple touch points for the consumer on their path to purchase.
  • Utilizing your creative to bring awareness to your brand.  Traditional media will be directing a much wider audience base, that can then direct them to go to your website, and/or your social media platforms for more detailed information.

2. Using Traditional Media as your Brand Ambassador 

  • Because your Traditional Media will be directed to a broader audience base, it should be used as a Brand Ambassador.  It keeps your brand top-of-mind for the services that are provided 
  • The client’s budget will determine how deep and what vehicles can be used as well as the frequency.   

3. Importance of Delivery and Added Value 

  • Utilizing all available research tools, such as Nielsen and SQAD, to ensure that the client is receiving the best plan possible.  At the completion of the campaign, these same tools will be used to post the campaign.  The final step in the life of a campaign is negotiation of makegood weight.
  • Digital campaigns should be monitored closely to ensure sure that your campaign as well as your creative is driving the impressions.  This also allows for quickly making adjustments for impression delivery.
  • Negotiations upfront with media partners for added value to extend your messaging during an active campaign.  The added value should be what will help your campaign the most; ie: additional spots, radio sponsorships, no-charge additional weeks on Billboards, etc.

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