What's Inspiring Me Lately: Podcasts

Kelley Olmedo
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What's Inspiring Me Lately: Podcasts

Lots of things go in and out of my head on a daily basis. Creatives can be strange like that. With an all-encompassing thirst for challenges, inspiration, and knowledge and an ever-shrinking ability to read and pursue my many interests, I have found that podcasts are perfect for easy access to constantly be able to fill my head. So today I am going to share with you the podcasts that have been inspiring me lately. Some are ones that I have loved for years and then there are some that just happen to be the ones that I have found myself in the mood for lately.

This American Life provides differing insights on a common cultural theme.

1. This American Life.

OK, so these first two are the ones where most NPR listeners roll their eyes and say, “Duh” - but even in this day and age of the Internet we seem to know less and less about each other and this podcast gives me such wonderful stories that I don’t know how I would ever stop listening to it. Each episode offers different insights on a common cultural theme which inevitably grounds you in the society that surrounds us. One of my favorite episodes: 494: “Hit the Road”.

Radiolab focuses on topics we take for granted and intellectually delivers them in way that's easy to understand.


2. Radiolab.

Yeah, the other end of the “duh” I mentioned earlier. Radiolab is one of the most intellectually stimulating shows I have ever heard. The thought-provoking episodes focus on topics that are taken for granted every day. It takes complex subjects and delivers them in an easily digestible manner. I guarantee you will learn something, broaden your mind and thirst for more anytime you listen to these guys. Some of my favorites: “Finding Emily” and “Animal Minds”.

Pop culture is a guilty pleasure of many people. This podcast takes on a fresh approach to pop culture.


3. Pop Culture Happy Hour.

I love reading, I love television, I love movies, and I love music. This podcast fills all those voids nicely. I come here to hear my favorite pop culture discussed in a refreshing and insightful dialogue and to find out which stories I have been missing out on. So if you’re needing an “elevated” pop culture “fix” this is the podcast for you!

This fun game-show-style podcast challenges your otherwise useless knowledge.


4. Ask Me Another.

Best. Gameshow. Ever. This is my mindless show.  I put it on whenever I just want to have a good time listening to something. Which is OFTEN. It’s wildly clever and entertaining. This podcast mimics trivia night by offering a fun environment to challenge your otherwise useless knowledge.

Philosophize This takes deep thoughts of philosophy, and it's influences, and breaks things down in a more digestible manner.


5. Philosophize This!

This is kinda just what I have been feeling lately. I have always loved philosophy and this just breaks down things in a more digestible fashion - I like sneaking it on when my daughters are in the car, hoping some of it will soak in. We don't realize just how much philosophy influences our every day and this podcast helps us understand the deeper workings of human civilization.

Well, that’s the recesses of my brain for a bit. I personally think knowledge in all areas and stories from all sorts of corners of our country help create a wildly innovative and well-rounded mind. One that never stops thinking, and never stops creating. Which as a designer is exactly what clients want and expect.