Who doesn't have a blog?

Author:Texas Creative
Come in we're open

Blogs, blogs, blog, bla, blah, blah … yeah, we know there are millions of them out there pushing content at you, but we’d like to do something different and have YOU tell us what you want to read about. And while we are by no means experts when it comes to rock climbing, twerking or baking, we do know a thing or two about website development, advertising, social media, graphic design, brand management and breakfast tacos!

How does the Texas Creative blog work?

Starting now, we’ll post roughly six blog articles per month and base them on your requests. As soon as we publish an article, we’ll ask you to post a comment with your requests for future topics, or you can let us know on our Facebook post or tweet when we share it. We want to be a resource for you and for you to tell us what you’re interested in reading – a symbiotic relationship, if you will.

What can I ask about?

There are no dumb questions because if you’re thinking it, someone else probably is too! Here are some examples we came up with that range from novice to expert:

Dear Texas Creative,

  • After starting my own business, I don’t know whether I should spend more of my limited budget on Google AdWords or Facebook ads … HELP!
  • I don’t really understand how websites are built. I know it has something to do with coding, which is a foreign language to me, but I’m definitely interested in learning more about the basics. And, on a side note, what’s Drupal?
  • How can I convince my company to spend less on print/broadcast media and more on digital strategy?
  • I recently started my graphic design degree and have a ton of questions already. Can you explain the difference between kerning, leading and tracking? And also, how do I lay out an engaging business card?

Yes, this is definitely a silly little “Dear Abby” list, but what we’re trying to demonstrate is the range of topics we can cover. If we had to say where our expertise lies, it would be in website development, communications, graphic design, brand management, advertising, strategic planning, events and broadcast/public relations, but all questions are welcomed.

So again we ask you, what do you want to read about? Comment below and we’ll get to work on your next blog topic. And if enough people request it, maybe we’ll even throw in “How a five-minute planking session can boost company morale” as our way of saying welcome to the Texas Creative blog!

Photo by mmdesignoffice (https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/9441219583).