Word-of-Mouth and 81M Consumers

Word-of-Mouth and 81M Consumers

Ah, the elusive Millennial. A marketer’s search for the holy grail of consumerism. It’s a common question we see when meeting with clients - “how do I reach the millennial and will they actually buy something?” 

First, we have to understand a bit about the Millennial consumer. There are 81 million of them in the US and in 2019 they are between the ages of 23 and 38. They were born before computers and cell phones had widespread use and they spend their money on experiences over material items, live smaller and are changing the economy. They also usually have a side hustle way to make some extra cash and are not afraid to work hard using the online economy to their benefit. Some say for the better, others would say causing irreparable change to our economy. In either case, they are a powerful segment and they use media differently and will have a large impact on traditional media in the long run. 

The most recent research conducted by Marketing Charts in partnership with YouGov identified how millennials are influenced. They are influenced by trusted advisers, big on word-of-mouth, and rely on friends and family for recommendations almost 25% of the time. Finding those influential people can be a strong secondary market for any advertiser with the goal of influencing their trusted advisers. 

Not surprisingly, they are influenced to purchase products and services by emails from companies they have opted-in for. This is an extended form of recommendation that they find relevant. So planning a strategic email drip campaign against a millennial target can influence millennials toward your brand, products or services. 

Email marketing acquisition strategy is critical, so how do we get them to opt-in? Using the technology they are so reliant on. From engaging them on social media platforms where 14% indicate they are influenced by brands, to video content or on YouTube and Hulu where persuasion can happen. It’s key to use several touchpoints to get what you want - their email addresses. 

Getting the targeting and the acquisition right is the first step. Your creative has to be optimized and the tools you use to deliver the email is also critical to success. Do NOT email these potential customers out of your gmail account. Only use a pro-level email service provider that helps keep permission-based email marketing in the inbox and compliant with federal law.  

We have seen very measurable results in online shopping, food and beverage sales and travel and tourism segments utilizing strategic email marketing for brands and campaigns. How can we help you?

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