Texas DIR - Cooperative Contracts Program

Texas Department of Information ResourcesThe Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has awarded Texas Creative a DIR Contract for Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services (DIR-TSO-4305) . Under the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program  we serve a wide spectrum of customers including Texas state, county or local government offices, and public education entities of all sizes. To see if your organization qualifies, review the DIR customer eligibility requirements. Customers outside the state of Texas may also use our Cooperative Contracts.

How to Order

  1. Please contact Art Williams at 210-828-8003 or by email at [email protected] with your project information and scope of work.
  2. Generate a Purchase Order, made payable to Texas Creative. The Purchase Order must reference the DIR contract number (DIR-TSO-4305).
  3. Send your Purchase Order to Art Williams, at [email protected]

Services Offered

Texas Creative has been a leader in designing and developing award-winning responsive websites since 1999. Our thoughtful design and user-experience approach are unique in that we do everything in-house. Our designers sit down the hall from our developers here in San Antonio making the projects run smoothly with the highest quality design, coding, hosting, security, accessibility and SEO methods.

Website Design & Development

Texas Creative’s digital strengths include a primary focus on the end user's experience when designing websites and developing content. We embrace industry-leading technology in order to keep our clients’ websites current, well into the future. We balance that with advanced cross-browser testing procedures to make sure optimum compatibility is maintained. Our expertise stretches from server optimization to streamlined deployment processes and standards-compliant development techniques and State of Texas requirements. All of this experience and skill comes together to make beautiful, clean sites that are user-friendly across all devices, and perform at optimal speeds.


We take efforts in the planning and development phase of any online project to ensure that the website will be compliant with the State of Texas accessibility requirements based on Section 508, WCAG and other requirements. We also offer accessibility audits, testing and certification within the scope of any project.

Business Tools and Graphics

  • Banner ads design and HTML5 coding
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Email Marketing platform recommendations and setup
  • Social Media Management, page creation, and strategy
  • Security review of website protocols
  • Website analytics reporting and setup


  • Cloud Hosting - Pantheon, Platform.sh, Rackspace (Small, Medium, Large and EDU Hosting plans available)
  • Shared Rackspace Hosting
  • Domain Name System (DNS) Management
  • 24/7 Monitoring and troubleshooting support
  • CMS Hosting Security Maintenance

Email Hosting

  • Rackspace managed Office 365 - various plans

Maintenance, Training, and Support

  • Website CMS training
  • Accessibility training for Content Managers
  • Email Marketing Training
  • Social Media Management Training
  • Ongoing monthly website maintenance options

Turnkey Solutions

  • All inclusive development for small websites with included hosting, maintenance and active accessibility monitoring in a Texas Creative Managed Shared Hosting environment at Rackspace.

Web Content Management

  • Expert-level copywriting, including Web/Content Management System integration, architecture, and development.
  • Review and conduct content audits, migrate content and provide content updates within an existing system.
  • Systems supported include, but are not limited to Drupal, WordPress, and ExpressionEngine.
  • Texas Creative designs and develops everything that might be required for a website, copywriting and translations, branding, graphics, infographics, social media, eBooks, interactive PDFs, digital brochures, online presentations, video and animations and tutorials and online learning modules.
  • Web Application Development. Texas Creative provides development services for accessible web-based applications, including critical database driven sites and online learning solutions. Our developers are highly skilled in analyzing client requirements, rapid prototyping, building and thoroughly testing a wide variety of applications.

Some of Our Favorite Work

DCMathPathways.org takecareoftexas.org  SABioScience.org


Contact Information:

Phone: 210-828-8003 / Fax: 210-828-8079

E-Mail: Art Williams at [email protected]

Texas Creative
334 North Park Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78216

Texas HUB Certification Number: 1742387134600

Contract Information

Please visit the link below for more information about our contract.

Contract DIR-TSO-4305

For more information on DIR's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Cooperative Contracts program, visit the DIR Cooperative Contract Program Information Page.

For pricing information, please visit the DIR-TSO-4305 Pricing Page.

Warranty Information

Texas Creative warrants that it will perform the applicable Services in accordance with industry standards and using reasonable care and skill. Although unlikely needed there is a 60-day warranty on all website code following launch where we will repair any glitches that occur in code defined in the original SOW.  Texas Creative cannot accept responsibility for any alterations caused by a third party or Customer occurring to Customer’s project once completed by Texas Creative. Such alterations include, but are not limited to, additions, modifications, and deletions. In providing the Services, Texas Creative will be relying on content, data and related information provided by Customer. Texas Creative cannot accept any liability based on inaccuracies in content, data, and information provided by Customer.


Return Information

There is no return policy on the work defined under this contract.

Client Experience

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