Hang around the Texas Creative web development team very long and you’ll inevitably hear Drupal mentioned.

DrupliconWhat is Drupal?

Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS). Content management systems allow a site owner or user to add, edit, or delete content (text, images, video, etc) inside of an easy to use publishing workflow instead of needing to know HTML or how to program anything. But Drupal is more than just a CMS: It is a CMS-builder. Drupal allows us to build a custom CMS for each of our clients based on thier specific needs. While many parts of a website are the same from one to the next, there are always special cases. The Drupal CMS lays the framework for us to develop anything that our clients need on one unified platform that anyone can use.

Why use Drupal?

  • It is open source - While proprietary software may have its place, open source software has substantial advantages when it comes to something as public as a website. You can leverage the work of tens of thousands of developers all using the same coding standards and checking each others work in an ongoing iterative process. Not to mention that open source software is used without licensing fees, immediately providing a monitary benefit for its use.
  • Greater flexibility - Drupal has a resevior of modules that have been developed to do just about anything a website can do. The modules are free to use and in a centralized repository for easily selecting the best of the bunch. On the occassion that your particular need doesn’t fit the exact features of an existing module, a little PHP code from our experienced team of developers is all that is needed to add the required functionality.
  • Proven scalability - No matter how big your website is, Drupal can scale to your needs and give your website visitors a smooth experience. Some of the largest and most trafficked websites on the internet were built using Drupal, including Grammys.com, Economist.com, Stanford Law SchoolFTC.govFCC.gov, and 9/11Memorial.org
  • Thriving community - Among open source CMSs, Drupal’s community is one of the largest and healthiest. The core principles of Drupal encourage cooperation among community members while still spurring on innovation.
  • Security is a priority - Drupal has a dedicated security team that supports not only the core CMS, but any recommended release of a community contributed module.

Texas Creative is a Drupal Association Organization MemberTexas Creative’s contributions to Drupal

Texas Creative supports the Drupal community through membership in the Drupal Association (since 2013). We also regularly send our developers to Drupal events around the country to further develop their skills. We contribute code to Drupal by releasing some of our custom modules as open source contribution (contrib) modules on Drupal.org for others to freely use. Also, our team reports and fixes issues on other contrib modules so that the community benefits. Texas Creative supports the San Antonio Drupal User Group (SADUG) in any way we can by hosting occasional meetings at our studio and participating in lively discussions in Slack or in person with other SADUG members.

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