Good to Go Vote!

Good to Go Vote

Voting is a vital part of the fabric of our country and we want to honor election day this year by providing helpful resources to encourage you to get out and vote. 

Key Dates:

Early Voting: October 13-30
Election Date: November 3, 2020 (be in line by 7 pm)

Check Your Voter Registration:

The deadline to register is October 5, 2020

Voter Registration PDF tool:

Vote by Mail Application: 

Due by October 22, 2020

Track Your Mail-In Ballot in Bexar County:


  • Anyone 65+
  • Disabled - TX Supreme Court ruled that anyone can take into consideration their health history to determine if voting in person could potentially injure one's health (fear of COVID-19 alone is not a reason) - no explanation on the form is required other than Disabled 
  • Absent from the County from October 13, 2020 - November 3, 2020

Become an Election Judge or Election Clerk:

Due to anticipated turn out, more voting centers, and longer voting hours, counties are short on election workers. These are paid jobs and there is training provided.

Volunteer to be a Poll Watcher:

These people work outside of a voting center and monitor electioneering, voter interference, any voter suppression matters, and call hotlines to inform attorneys about those questions and matters. 

The major parties usually recruit for these positions: 



Volunteer to be a Poll Monitor:

The Texas Civil Rights Project trains Texans to serve as Election Protection poll monitors, who are able to answer questions and solve problems for voters during the election at polling sites throughout the state.  TCRP also trained and deployed 100 attorneys and legal experts to five voter-help-centers in Austin, Dallas, Houston, the Rio Grande Valley, and San Antonio to directly take questions and concerns from voters and advocates in need. To find out how to volunteer, go to [email protected] or call (512) 474-5073.

Volunteer with Your Favorite Candidate or Precinct Chair

Candidates and precinct chairs need volunteers to write postcards, drop lit, make phone calls and work election day to answer questions from voters. 

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