Senior Account Manager

Manages accounts averaging $2M in agency revenue. Business manager within agency. Recognized by client as trusted and knowledgeable partner. Acknowledged by client as business consultant and strategic thinker. Mentors and empowers team to achieve high standard. Business builder.

Background Requirements:

  • 6-8 years related work experience, client or agency
  • Extensive knowledge of advertising, other integrated marketing disciplines, marketing, business management and sales
  • Bachelor in Advertising, Marketing, Communications, Social Sciences, Arts Degree preferred
  • Showed outstanding academic performance (i.e. GPA, honors, etc.)
  • Minimum of 4 years managing/supervising personnel
  • Able to travel on as-needed basis

Skill/Knowledge Requirements:

  • Excellent project management skills, with consistent follow up
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Effective listener
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Excellent selling skills
  • Very good abilities to manage and motivate teams
  • Excellent with internet and secondary data searches
  • Strong computer skills (PowerPoint, Keynote, Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Very good strategic thinking
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Proven abilities of financial accountability (with client and agency budgets)
  • Proven abilities to manage multiple clients and teams

Key Personality Traits:

  • Leader
  • Business builder
  • Relationship builder
  • Team builder
  • Motivator
  • Mentor
  • Accountable
  • Open/Accessible

    Key Responsibilities:

    Project Management 

    • Successfully runs accounts, with minimal to no supervision
    • Shows ability to multitask and prioritize effectively
    • Supervises project-flow, from start to finish, through the company’s systems with ease
    • Supervises workload with other agency departments effectively and efficiently
    • Approves final creative work and other agency products before they go out to client
    • Assures all of the integrated elements (media, creative, research/planning, promotions, Web, PR) of the agency’s output are brought together on time and are consistent with the campaign objective
    • Manages creative, production (broadcast/print/web), media and research process/budgets seamlessly
    • Evaluates and approves creative work, media plans and other agency recommendations before they go out to clients, ensuring work meets objective/strategy
    • Ensures all creative work is approved by legal/compliance where necessary
    • Understands production requirements and cost/time factors associated with broadcast/print/web
    • Overviews direct reports’ work to ensure top quality and accuracy
    • Runs client and internal meetings effectively and efficiently (clearly outlines objectives, desired outcomes and next steps/timing)


    • Consistently finds new ways to build client business and make accounts grow
    • Leads team to build successful case studies with proven business results
    • Leads the team strategically, acting as a sounding board and empowering their innovative thinking
    • Demonstrates excellent working knowledge of each area of agency’s business (media, creative, broadcast & print production, research, planning, web, promotions/events, public relations, finance)
    • Understands integrated marketing services of the agency (what they are, how and when to recommend them)
    • Sells-in other agency integrated marketing services
    • Provides innovative solutions to marketing and communication challenges
    • Actively contributes to brainstorming strategic ideas and options for client’s business/brand evolution
    • Leads the development and writing of single-minded creative briefs
    • Develops and writes complete and strategic media briefs, working closely with the media team
    • Develops and writes reports, capturing thoughts well on paper and succinctly
    • Develops and writes presentations for client-agency sessions
    • Supervises the development and writing of marketing/communication plans that yield measurable business results for clients
    • Understands and recommends a variety of research resources and techniques for validation, feedback and exploratory needs
    • Effectively analyzes and interprets consumer research and is familiar with a variety of advertising testing methods and their application
    • Stays abreast of latest industry trends
    • Masters a deep knowledge of client business, competition and latest news

    Client Contact

    • Maintains daily contact with client, showing proven account leadership
    • Fosters mutual trust and strong business relationship with client
    • Is recognized by client as strong business and strategic consultant
    • Starts nurturing relationships with senior client levels
    • Takes a leadership role in client group presentations 
    • Possesses polite and effective selling skills, eliciting client support of agency recommendations and POVs
    • Is articulate and well versed in client debate
    • Creates collaborative and productive alliances with other client partners


    • Mentors and teaches the agency’s junior staff across all departments
    • Manages, develops and motivates AE, AAE and AC (direct reports may vary)
    • Actively participates in agency/department volunteering activities
    • Actively participates in new business presentations as needed
    • Effectively handles difficult personnel situations, applying a win-win attitude
    • Is recognized as a leader and mentor (coaches others on how to evaluate critically, how to think strategically, how to see creatively and how to build long term relationships)
    • Resolves conflicts and differences in a calm, professional and polite manner
    • Retains employees, maintaining a team with high morale and low turnover
    • Conducts performance assessment of assigned team members, communicating openly with direct reports and submitting written detail to Supervisor
    • Keeps superiors in the loop of account status (opportunities, issues, etc)
    • Creates a learning environment for junior staff to develop, take risks and try out new ideas and approaches
    • Encourages a positive attitude within team and direct reports


    • Oversees the maintenance of the updated BCR (Budget Control Report) 
    • Fills out timesheets and submits them weekly
    • Manages agency/client budgets and billing process accurately and timely
    • Reviews labor report and recommends appropriate actions for efficient managing of team’s time
    • Maintains signed contracts up to date and properly filed
    • Provides accurate estimates of agency revenue projection for next year


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