Media Buying & Media Planning

Moving at the speed of today’s marketplace, we deliver for our clients the influence and engagement they need in the ever-evolving, multi-screen, multi-channel world of media buying.

What is Media Planning and Buying?

Memorable TV & radio commercials have to run on a station somewhere. Online banner ads and magazine spreads need to be placed in the right publication at the right time. Planning how to spend an advertising budget no matter how big or small is a delicate production of many moving parts.

  • Does the station format, or programming, fit my target audience?
  • Should social media channels play a bigger role in my overall mix?
  • Where will I find the best value in targeting my demographic and geographic audience?
  • Is my desired inventory even available?
  • How have similar ads performed in this medium?
  • And the all important question: How do I negotiate the best rates?

The discovery of these questions and many others is the realm of the media buyer and media planner.

Texas Creative, Your Media Buyers

At Texas Creative, we tackle the complex considerations of fully-integrated, strategic media planning by listening to your goals and treating your budget as if it were our own. As recognized negotiators with honest stewardship of client ad dollars, we maximize impact, finely tune the defined target audience and verify that media partners deliver on their contracts and promises.

Our approach to managing media buys is data driven from start to finish, and it does not stop once the ad is running. Optimizing the ad placement, timing and frequency during its run is crucial to maximize performance and weeding out the weak-performing channels.

By utilizing the best tools available, all our decisions are based on research, analytics, testing and measurement. To meet each client’s goals, our team deploys the most current digital and social media advertising strategies alongside traditional mass media avenues, as needed.

Our Experience Brings Results

Our smart, motivated media team is spearheaded by experienced leadership; a combined 50 years of know-how in media strategy. This fusion fosters innovation without sacrificing the negotiating abilities and industry relationships that only experience can bring. We are dedicated to developing custom strategies for custom challenges. Our results speak for themselves: on average, we deliver 30% more media power for your dollar when compared to other agencies or in-house teams. This is why companies from all sectors trust us to plan and place their media buys.