Ancient Secrets Meet Hand Held Device - Making a Museum Visit More Personal

“SAMA is bringing world class art to San Antonio, so we’ve layered innovative Web development into the experience. It’s about giving art lovers a chance to enjoy and explore ancient art with new technology, thus expanding its appreciation,” says Jamie Allen, chief operating officer of Texas Creative.

Allen explains the Web application’s primary feature is a zoom-in/zoom-out tool that enables the user to view the intricacies of each Jade piece like it was in the palm of their hand. With a number of the exhibit pieces measuring only a few inches, the ability to “get up close and personal” via a smart phone or a tablet device adds to the dimension of each artifact — and the entire collection. Five of the featured pieces also include audio tracks for the user to learn more about the Jade’s history and origin.

“Engagement with visitors is a key strategy for the museum. Moving visitors to their mobile devices initiates a personally navigated experience with the art,” says Allen. The SAMA application also features a custom interactive memory game, targeted mainly toward the children and families visiting the exhibit. “The game allows the user to master their memory skills as they match corresponding pieces of Jade,” she adds.

“San Antonio is a very connected city with both residents and visitors who use mobile devices to enjoy the culture, cuisine and entertainment our city has to offer,” Allen says. “Businesses have the same opportunity to create relevant content that can be delivered into the palm of the hand. Our clients rely on our expertise to find that solution.”

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