Renu Robotics unveils new logo representing company's 'upward trajectory'

San Antonio-based autonomous mobile robot producer Renu Robotics has unveiled a new logo amid rapid growth and a desire to rebrand itself "from startup to full-fledged company."

"We're at a stage where we're going, 'Okay, we've got the products, we've got the customers, we've got our systems set up. Now it's time to make us look like the company we want to be,'" said Tim Matus, CEO and founder of Renu Robotics. "This is helping us do that."

Renu Robotics updated its website and social media pages with the new logo on Tuesday, May 16. The logo features a teal capital "R" for Renu, with a swooping channel that represents innovation, energy, and progress.

Renu Robotics began working with San Antonio-based advertising company Texas Creative on the design in January. Josh Norman, Texas Creatives' chief creative officer, said the logo is a "revolution" of Renu Robotics' previous logo design.

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