Texas Creative announces new client Mr. Gatti’s Pizza

Texas Creative is excited to announce new client, Mr. Gatti’s Pizza.

Mr. Gatti’s approached Texas Creative in January to help revitalize their marketing efforts.

“The franchise owners were familiar with our agency’s work on a previous pizza brand, and asked that we bring new ideas to boost sales to Mr. Gatti’s Pizza,” senior account manager Jane Jordan said.

How do you stand out in a market saturated with pizza places, all offering deep discounts on their product? That was the situation facing Mr. Gatti’s Pizza in Austin when they first connected with Texas Creative to assist with their marketing efforts.  Mr. Gatti’s was also trying to recover from a corporate shift in product ingredients and preparation, which had resulted in an inferior product and loss of loyal customers. With a return to original recipes, methods and an influx of energy from new franchisees, Mr. Gatti’s was prepped to regain its market share.

“We chose Texas Creative because they are Texas born and bred just like Mr. Gatti’s Pizza,” marketing director of Three Dough Boys Jennifer Tisdel said. “Working with Texas Creative, we know they get the fact that we are a mom and pop business with a big name and understand we are not looking to change that.”

Texas Creative crafted a re-introduction strategy wrapped around the theme, “Why Getta Gatt’s?” The campaign creates a platform to expand beyond discounts and promote the benefits separating Gatti’s from their competition. Original recipes are back: Dough made from scratch in-store and allowed to rise for 12 hours, never frozen, Signature pizza sauces and Gatti’s famous Ranch dressing, made fresh in-store daily. An Austin legend for 50 years. The list of answers to “Why Getta Gatti’s?” is endless.

Texas Creative concepted and launched the campaign within three weeks of the first client meeting, and it’s now touching consumers on both Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Texas Creative is ecstatic about working with Mr. Gatti’s to help elevate their digital presence.

“I grew up going to Mr. Gatti’s Pizza and have special memories from their restaurant, so I am especially excited to help them generate awareness and sales for such a heritage brand,” Jordan said.

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza is celebrating 50 years of satisfying their hometown of Austin’s cravings this year.

“We are forever Mr. Gatti’s Pizza that families remember from their childhood. Together with Texas Creative, our family at Mr. Gatti’s wants to continue to be the go-to for our customer’s pizza needs,” Tisdel said.


Mr. Gatti's first opened its doors as The Pizza Place in Stephenville, Texas, in 1964. With a move to Austin in 1969 came a name change, which paid tribute to the wife of founder James Eure and her maiden name: Gatti. By the 70's, the chain was experiencing dramatic growth and had become a household name. In the 80's and 90's, Mr. Gatti's expanded the concept to include GattiTown, a 25,000-square-foot family entertainment center devoting 10,000 square feet to a colossal Midway-type game room. James Eure's vision is now almost 100 restaurants strong and counting, including Mr. Gatti's Pizza, Gatti's Pizza and GattiTown restaurants. More information is available at gattispizza.com or by calling 817-546-3500.