Social Media Marketing

The social media landscape is growing and evolving like never before. It’s no longer enough for brands to simply be on social. They need to be social. Texas Creative’s experienced in-house social media team helps our clients stay on top of the current trends with engaging organic and paid social media content, responsive community management and insightful reporting and analytics.

As a top social media marketing agency in San Antonio, we are proud to provide innovative strategy, creative, and ongoing social media management to our clients. To learn more, contact us today, or view some of our past work.

Why Social Media Marketing?

With 30% of all time spent online now dedicated to social media, it’s more important than ever for brands to implement a comprehensive strategy across their social media profiles. No matter your budget, we’re here to guide you through the process and answer important questions like:

  • Should social media play a bigger role in our marketing strategy?
  • On which platform will we find the best value in targeting our demographic and geographic audience?
  • How have similar ads performed on this platform (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)?
  • Does our social media content fit our target audience?
  • And the all-important question: How do I get the most value out of each dollar spent?

By asking the right questions, our team is able to develop, execute and optimize social media campaigns that consistently exceed industry benchmarks.

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Different Social Media Platforms

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform today. With over 2 billion monthly active users and over a billion daily users, it is arguably the best platform for targeted advertising. While it’s still popular with young adults there is a rising growth in popularity with adults aged 50 and up. Today, nearly 8 in 10 internet-connected Americans use Facebook. By understanding the demographics that make up your customer base, we are able to develop engaging, hyper-targeted advertisements and authentic organic posts that get your customers’ attention.

Instagram is the premier social media platform for targeting consumers under 35. In mid-2018, Instagram reached 1 billion monthly users, 500 million daily users and 400 million users of Instagram Stories—and it’s still growing. TXC can help you leverage the power of this aesthetic-driven platform with a combination of original content, paid ads and influencer marketing to deliver some of the highest ROIs in advertising.

Twitter is a highly interactive social media platform where users post and engage with each other in 280 characters or less. With nearly 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is smaller than Instagram or Facebook. However, it remains the best platform for brands to identify and participate in relevant conversations, evaluate consumer sentiment, and show a bit of personality. According to Twitter, their users are affluent millennials who are early adopters. They are also more likely to have college educations, earn above-average incomes, and live in urban areas.

Pinterest is the home for evergreen content. While it has a smaller user base than the most other social media networks, it’s the one with the longest shelf life. If a “pin” does well, it can live on for months or even years. Pinterest also has a unique demographic, with 40% of all “pinners” earning household incomes above $100,000. Millennials also love Pinterest – almost as much as Instagram – with 1 out of 2 using the platform monthly.

YouTube is a video-based platform with over 400 hours of content uploaded every minute. But did you know it’s also the world’s second largest search engine? In any given month, 8 out of 10 people between the ages of 18-49 watch at least one video on YouTube, with an average watch time of about 40 minutes. Plus, while YouTube accounts for a full two-thirds of online viewing, only 9% of small business are on the platform. This largely untapped market could be just what your business needs to stand out from the crowd and reach those key demographics.

Texas Creative, Social Media Experts

At Texas Creative, we think outside the general spectrum of social media. We are constantly looking at trends, following up on the coolest social media campaigns and innovating in the field we’re passionate about. It’s important to understand that social media is not a race, it’s a marathon. It’s a new medium that is growing rapidly and we’re adapting to the changes daily. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

Social Media Blog Posts

DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME? A couple weeks ago a news story probably didn’t break into your bubble, but it showcased a significant indicator of generational sea change in media consumption and messaging.  Two United States congress(wo)men played a video game. It was a pretty big hit.
Everyone should be utilizing their strengths to encourage those around them to vote during this election. Whether it’s simply sharing helpful resources on your social media or spreading awareness by word of mouth, something is better than nothing. One of the many perks that comes with working for a marketing agency is that we have the power to utilize our talents for the greater good of our community, and the nation, during this presidential election.
Their past few weeks together have been eventful. Here’s two big reasons it matters to marketers. With it being a Presidential election year, you might expect I’d be focusing on Facebook. That is certainly important to note. We have noticed their flagging paid ads as “political” or “social issues” in nature to be much more prevalent. Make sure you have a partner that can be quick with a plan to divert those dollars into other tactics, or find ways to address any creative concerns that might be driving the flags.

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