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The reason we place most of our client's sites on Platform.sh is because of their one-of-a-kind approach to hosting, devops, and support.  Spinning up an identical development environment is as simple as branching a repo.  Deployments can run build scripts such as 'composer install' on-the-fly eliminating the need to commit your vendor folder to a monolithic git repository. And scaling up or down a site's resources happens in a few seconds through a friendly UI or command line tool.  We've used every major specialized Drupal and Wordpress PaaS and keep coming back to Platform.sh.


"Texas State Agencies must only enter or renew contracts to receive cloud computing services that comply with TX-RAMP requirements beginning January 1, 2022."

For more information on TX-RAMP visit the DIR Texas Risk and Authorization Management Program.

Texas Creative, DIR Cooperative Contract Holder

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Texas Creative's team of designers, developers, and strategists have experience working with state agency, higher education, and commercial businesses to solve complex problems.  Since we've setup our own cloud VPS servers and used many well known hosting providers both of our own choosing and our client's choosing we have a unique perspective and skill-set when it comes to choosing and configuring cloud hosting platforms.  We know the good and the bad. 

Since we are also a DIR Cooperative Contract Hold we can help you decide what will work best for you and then assist with any setup, migration, and training related to your solution. We know you'll love it as your new TX-RAMP certified cloud hosting vendor and would be happy to assist you with setting up your account, training on best practices, and any development support you may need from a DIR contract holder and Platform.sh Partner.

Use the form below to start a conversation with us about hosting  your web project with Platform.sh or to discuss any of our other DIR or TX-RAMP certified services.