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Family Tapestry

Weaving together the foster care community.

There are over 4,000 children in need of foster care in Bexar County. It’s a situation creating an ever-increasing pressure on the system to recruit, train, and license foster families. A new division of the Children’s Shelter of San Antonio called Family Tapestry was launched last year to restructure the delivery model for foster care in the county.  Understandably, their first major initiative was to rapidly accelerate foster family recruitment.

Texas Creative and Bradford Lawton, LLC, the Children’s Shelter’s and Family Tapestry’s marketing and branding firm, partnered in addressing this formidable issue. Together, we developed a campaign designed to eliminate preconceived beliefs about what it takes to be a foster parent and help break down barriers to fostering. The creative elements ran the gamut of traditional, digital and social media. We invite you to take a look. Who knows? You may discover you’re the perfect candidate to be a foster parent.

Fostering Truth: Age / Home Ownership
Fostering Truth: Marital Status
Fostering Truth: Age/Income - Spanish

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Family TapestryFamily TapestryFamily TapestryFamily TapestryFamily TapestryFamily Tapestry
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Family Tapestry

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