Jefferson Bank

This is personal to us.

To the people of Jefferson Bank, it’s more than a slogan. It’s a value deeply rooted at the core of every aspect of their business. In 2017, Texas Creative and Jefferson Bank evolved that philosophy into a new campaign designed to convey their personal commitment to a new generation.

Mortgage - First Time Home Buyer
Jefferson Bank Facebook Videos
Jefferson Bank has grown to become a major financial force in our community by combining big bank strength with a local perspective. This Facebook Video campaign, created in-house by Texas Creative, demonstrates their commitment to taking banking personally.
Financial Fitness
Jefferson Bank Facebook Videos
:30 "Mortgage" - Jefferson Bank Mortgages TV spot
Buying a home is a very personal decision. We understand.
Deciding on the perfect home to buy is tough. But as this spot points out, making the choice of a financial partner is simple.
Jefferson Bank - Production Notes -  Panel

The commercials were shot at 10 different locations on a Red Dragon system with Cooke lenses mounted on a Ronin Gimbal to give them an up-close and personal feel. Once again, we partnered with the pros at GeoMedia to help bring our concepts to life.

:30 "Frank" Jefferson Bank Business Banking TV spot
Jefferson Bank is dedicated to helping small businesses with big ideas.
Local sourcing is ideal for choosing fresh food. And as this execution highlights, it’s also a good way to select a business bank with fresh ideas.
:15 "Trust" Jefferson Bank - TV Spot
Serving the community is a vital part of being a true neighborhood bank.
This spot celebrates the dedication of the people of Jefferson Bank who tirelessly give back to make the places we serve better places to live.
Jefferson Bank - The Shoot Team - Panel
Jefferson Bank - The Shoot Team - Panel

Jefferson Bank's personal commitment to their customers was also carried through a print ad campaign.