Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Take Care of Texas

Here's something we can all agree on: We need to protect the air, rivers, lakes and bays in the great state of Texas. That's why we teamed up with TCEQ and a handful of Texas recording artists starting in 2016 to kick-start a state-wide public awareness campaign on television, radio, a website, and social media. Our media department negotiates significant bonus media support in all major Texas markets, driving the message home.

:30 Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen
In the summer of 2020, Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen joined us for a rural shoot with their own take on keeping our land, water, and air clean a priority for all Texans.
Behind the Scenes with Randy and Wade
A short, behind-the-scenes look at how our :30 spot came together, including construction of a stage and lights in a barn in rural Texas.
Facebook carousel ad
A Facebook carousel ad featuring stills from the video shoot drove viewers to take TCEQ's pledge to Take Care of Texas. A free Texas State Park Guide was sent to anyone taking the pledge.
Facebook retargeting ad
A retargeting video ad was produced for Facebook to target viewers who visited the website but didn't follow through with a pledge to Take Care of Texas.
TCEQ website
TCEQ website

Texas Creative designed and developed a Drupal website for TCEQ and provided training for content management, which TCEQ handles internally. The site's "take the pledge" page serves as the landing page for the TV and social media campaign, and holds countless resources for kids and adults of all ages. It’s packed with fun facts, games and other tools to help kids, teens, teachers and all Texans do their part.

There’s even an interactive infographic that’ll show you the environmental footprint you’ve left based on the year you were born. Check it out at: takecareoftexas.org/make-difference.

:30 Take Care of Texas
Texas is My Home Sweet Home
In 2018, Cody Johnson lent his talents with a new song to raise awareness and encourage all Texans to take care of our land and water.
TCEQ - Production Team

Cordillera Ranch, 45 minutes north of San Antonio, set the backdrop for the 30 second TV spot.

:30 Protect our air
Take care of Texas — it’s the only one we’ve got.
A jingle penned and performed by Kevin Fowler took center stage on this spot urging Texans to pledge to keep Texas air clean.
TCEQ - Production Team 2

The production team set up shop on Kevin Fowler’s ranch for one day of carefully planned shooting. The one-day shoot yielded three different spots for TCEQ.

:30 Conserve our water
Take care of Texas — love and protect her, whatever it takes.
Rick Treviño contributed to the cause with a jingle urging Texans to conserve water and to protect our lakes, rivers and bays.
:30 Conserve our water (Spanish)
Take care of Texas — love and protect her, whatever it takes.
Texas Creative also produced three radio spots as part of this state-wide campaign.