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Mental Health: Staying Healthy During the Pandemic and Beyond

By Hanna Janols

May is mental health awareness month.  Health and wellness is important to everyone more than ever — especially these days. Below are tips that I find helpful to keep up with overall mental and physical health.   Throughout the pandemic, there has been a lot of talk about mental health related topics and how many have been affected in some way during this time. The vast majority of people have gone through major changes in their reality over the last few years - from leaving offices and adj
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Work + Home + Health

By Kelley Olmedo

The start of a New Year tends to bring health to the forefront of our collective minds, and after the last two years I think I am not alone in saying the subject of health has been both consuming and exhausting. Nonetheless, as most of us here at Texas Creative (as well as many of our colleagues, clients, and vendors) continue to learn to navigate a new normal of working remotely full time or on a hybrid schedule -- I feel it’s important to stop and assess how your behaviors can help keep you
Healthy Desk Job Habits

5 Healthy Desk Job Habits

By Hanna Janols

Prior to working at Texas Creative, I worked a retail job. This meant being on my feet for 8 hours or more throughout my day. When I started my new job, let me say, I was quite excited about having a desk and a chair. As an active person, I started wondering about how sitting down all day would affect my health. After some research, which was quite shocking to say the least, the statistics are anything other than positive. That in turn did encourage me to do some research about what you can do t