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My Indispensable Tools (for Organization, Productivity, ... Sanity). App icons for Dropbox, Slack, Planta, Clear, Contrast)

My Indispensable Tools (for Organization, Productivity, ... Sanity)

By Kelley Olmedo

I’m a Graphic Designer, so naturally, design apps are the bread and butter of my career. But, on the heels of our Five Helpful Chrome Browser Extensions, from an Account Manager blog, I would like to share smaller niche apps that have managed to become indispensable in my daily life.   Clear When we made the jump to work from home we lost the one simple item that helped me organize my job load: job jackets. Without that stack of jackets I found myself lost on a daily basis. I tried keepin
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7 Tips for a Tidy and Organized Gmail Inbox

By Texas Creative

In my position as an Account Coordinator, my daily workflow revolves almost entirely around email - understanding client requests, asking questions, passing along information to our creative and web teams, etc. Since I spend so much time in Gmail, it needs to be a functional and efficient place to work. I still may not be taking advantage of EVERY useful add-on and feature now, but over the past year I’ve developed a useful system for optimizing my inbox, and I wanted to share the tips that I?
Work-Life Balance While Working Remote

Work-Life Balance While Working Remote

By Texas Creative

Many things have changed since the start of the pandemic, but not all changes have been bad. I think one of the positive changes is the increase of remote work opportunities. It provides flexibility that we didn’t have before and in many cases, the gift of time. Without a daily commute, I have gained back an hour of my day.  Although I enjoy working remotely, I find that it can be challenging to draw a clear line between work and life. This year, I am focusing on making a few changes to r