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Media Consumption During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Media Consumption During the COVID-19 Pandemic and How it is Shaping the Advertising Landscape

By Ana Fidencio-Ramos

As more people have been ordered to stay home due to the growing concerns surrounding COVID-19, our daily media consumption is rapidly changing. The pandemic is influencing consumer attitudes, behavior, and expectations, while shaping the foreseeable future of the advertising world. Media Consumption and Consumer Behavior: With “Shelter in Place” mandates in several states and school closures across the country, the amount of time spent on platforms of choice has increased.  Younger audien
Four Tips For Having a Successful First Day at Your New Job

Four Tips For Having A Successful First Day At Your New Job

By Ana Fidencio-Ramos

Whether you’re fresh out of college, or have been in the workforce for 20+ years, the first day at a new job can be scary, yet exciting. There’s so much to look forward to – a new chance to make a great first impression, new responsibilities to help you grow in your career path, new professional connections who could turn into friends, and even a new (and clean) desk. According to career management expert, Amanda Augustine, "The first three months of any new job are an extension of the int