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Social media photo sizes: The ultimate cheat sheet

By Texas Creative

[INFOGRAPHIC June 2014] Can you remember the last time you stopped and thought, “It seems like quite a while since Facebook last changed its layout”? Now, I may be stepping out on a limb here, but I’m fairly certain you’re aware of just how often social media platforms update their designs and requirements, including image sizes. For marketers, graphic designers, social media specialists and small business owners, it can be difficult to keep up. So what are the best photo sizes to upload

Fresh (and ancient) perspectives on the evolution of brands

By Josh Norman

Creative people have a knack for finding inspiration in unexpected places, and for following lines of thinking into new spaces. It’s an effective way to keep unique ideas flowing, even if some of them turn out to be useless. The hunt is always on, though: What’s the one great concept that could make a single piece of creative or an entire advertising campaign exceptional? I recently started handpicking audiobooks that I would listen to while driving to and from work each day. I was surprised

How to get the most out of your graphic designer

By Kelley Olmedo

Transitioning from traditional academic to design courses during college was difficult after years of being told exactly what to do by teachers. I was suddenly given free reign and encouraged to just “be creative.” In hindsight though, the more years I put into design, the more I realized it was never truly free reign; I simply needed to adjust to solving problems creatively instead of academically, and like other designers, my straight forward, black and white approach subtlety transitioned