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The Power of the Hispanic Consumer.

The Power of the Hispanic Consumer

By Krystal Vela

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re reflecting on the importance of Hispanic marketing, and the growing influence and diversity of the Hispanic population in the United States and our region of Texas. For 20+ years, Texas Creative has been helping brands and government agencies use research-based strategies to reach Hispanic populations through customized messaging and media selection. Here are some data-driven insights related to Hispanic marketing:  1. Population Growth The  Texas Trib
The Big Game’s Real MVP

The Big Game’s Real MVP

By Texas Creative

The Super Bowl brings out the best of the best in advertising. This may be because a 30-second commercial will cost you millions to show nationally. Variety reported that this year, “CBS has been seeking between $5.1 and $5.3 million for a package of inventory that often includes a 30-second TV ad….” This budget is nothing to be messed around with. Let’s jump into it and break down what I call the best advertisements in Super Bowl History.   Coming in third place is the Snickers “You?