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The Influencer Effect

The Influencer Effect: Tips To Incorporate Influencers Into Campaigns

By Samantha Esparza

The rise of popular apps such as TikTok and Instagram prompted many companies, organizations, and national brands to seek alternative ways to target a younger generation of consumers. Many turn to social media influencers to accomplish this goal. Social media influencers hold power over many younger consumers because Millennials and Generation Z trust influencers' thoughts and opinions about a product or service. Most people on social media follow a particular influencer and feel like they know
A city park with a community gathering to clean up litter

Launching a Successful Community Improvement Initiative

By Ashley Landers

Recently we helped our partners, the San Antonio River Authority, launch their anti-litter initiative. A year in the making, it started when residents received a bad report on the amount of litter that ends up in area creeks and rivers. Reflecting on how much work went into making this trash outreach initiative a success, below are a few tips that could apply to any public service effort. 1. Elicit Emotion: Give people a reason to care. Focus on how the issue collectively impacts the community.
A person on a laptop with screens behind them with targeted advertisements

Are You Following Me? The Reality of Behavioral Retargeting

By Brenda Gonzales

Have you ever had the feeling that you are being followed while casually browsing around on the internet? You spot a beautiful cashmere sweater on your favorite retail website and place it in your shopping cart for safekeeping, only to move onto Facebook to spot a big, bold ad with the exact same sweater you put in your shopping cart.  I can attest that this has happened to me many times — dozens of Kendra Scott jewelry ads seem to find me everywhere I go online. I say this as I turn to my je
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The Joys and Challenges of Remote Onboarding: Advice for Employees and Employers

By Texas Creative

In the 18 months since the world shut down in March 2020, millions of Americans lost their jobs. I have read varying reports, but the count is somewhere in the ballpark of 30 million (give or take 10 million or so). That is 30 million people that have likely experienced job hunting, interviewing, and onboarding while being 100% remote. I am one of them. I started not one, but two new jobs since being laid off in early April 2020, and I have learned a few things along the way! Tips for Employees:
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Don't Become the Necks Victim of "Vampire Creativity"

By Kimberly Boggs

“Best ad ever? [singing] 'Gimme a break! Gimme a break! Break me off a piece of that...' um... what was it again?" — Andy, The Office (US)   These days, the consumer marketplace has exploded with the number of product categories and brands. Marketers find themselves having to adopt exceedingly creative and innovative promotional strategies to gain attention in this fast-paced, overstimulated society. We must think outside the box to develop creative communication strategies to help prevent
5 Years With the Bullet Journal: From College to the Workplace

5 Years With the Bullet Journal: From College to the Workplace

By Texas Creative

As an account coordinator, the most important part of my job is organization. Using a bullet journal and the “bullet journal method” helped me through college and turned me into the organization superstar I am today. I’d like to use this blog post to share why I think it is so useful and how my use of it has changed over time.  My bullet journals date back to 2017, and I keep my collection of 4 journals on a shelf in my apartment, available for me to read whenever I want. I don’t rememb
Remote Onboarding: Tips to Navigate this Current Necessity

Remote Onboarding: Tips to Navigate this Current Necessity

By Kimberly Boggs

I took a massive leap of faith when deciding to start a brand-new job in 2020. While I enjoyed the virtual interviews in my pajamas, I soon thought about how tough acclimating to a new job would be while working from home, and anxiously exclaimed, “I’ve never done this before!” to which I was reassured, “No one has ever done this before. No one has ever tried to hire, be hired, or onboard during a global pandemic before. We’re all figuring this out, together.” In March, companies had
Twitch: Engagement is the Name of the Game

Twitch: Engagement is the Name of the Game

By Michael Streubert

DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME? A couple weeks ago a news story probably didn’t break into your bubble, but it showcased a significant indicator of generational sea change in media consumption and messaging.  Two United States congress(wo)men played a video game. It was a pretty big hit. In an effort to engage the youngest generation of voters in the United States (not coincidentally the least likely to participate in the political process), Representatives Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez and Ilhan Omar
Transitioning Account Managers

Transitioning Account Managers: 4 Tips On How To Do It Successfully

By Texas Creative

In the world of advertising, account transitions happen from time to time. Whether you're getting a new account, or transitioning off of one, this change can cause uncertainty for both you and the client. As the account manager, your goal is to make this process as seamless as possible. The last thing you want to do as the incoming account manager is make the client feel like they are in unstable hands. Having a transition plan in place helps both sides feel confident about the changes going for
Staying Productive While Working From Home

4 Tips to Help Stay Productive While Working From Home

By Texas Creative

With the spread of the novel coronavirus affecting everything from travel to the availability of toilet paper, mitigating COVID-19 in the United States has become a growing issue. Under a recent order from the City of San Antonio, non-essential businesses are now required to close their doors and send their employees to work remotely until the virus can be slowed. Here at Texas Creative, we have followed the city’s orders and are now working remotely along with countless other businesses.  Wo