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Five Helpful Chrome Browser Extensions, from an Account Manager

Five Helpful Chrome Browser Extensions, from an Account Manager

By Kimberly Boggs

I’ve always had an affinity for finding mobile apps that fulfill a niche need or offer a unique benefit. Whether it’s an app that helps manage my tasks and time, or an app that identifies birds by their call (essentially Shazam for birds), I enjoy exploring how I can enhance my phone with helpful tools.  So when it came to having a desk job, I was looking for ways to optimize my personal computer. I began to search for desktop browser tools that could make my day just a little easier. Enter
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How to capture full-length screenshots of web pages using Safari for Mac

By Josh Norman

Getting a screenshot of the entire length of a web page can be useful for a variety of reasons, whether you’re creating a scrolling mockup for presentation purposes or you recently purchased a font bundle and want to capture the page that shows type specimens of your new treasure trove for future reference. There’s always the tedious, manual way of doing this: taking a screenshot (shift-command-3), then scrolling down the page in your browser, and repeating the process until you’ve reached
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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts (Business and Personal)

By Samantha Esparza

A considerable amount of people manage multiple social media accounts. Most of those accounts are for personal use, but some are managed for business purposes. Whether a person is posting for business or pleasure; the following guidelines will maximize anyone’s social media presence and help avoid those awkward situations with friends, family, and colleagues.  Do’s: Respond & interact with your audience - It’s extremely important to make your audience feel heard and seen. Interacting
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7 Tips for a Tidy and Organized Gmail Inbox

By Texas Creative

In my position as an Account Coordinator, my daily workflow revolves almost entirely around email - understanding client requests, asking questions, passing along information to our creative and web teams, etc. Since I spend so much time in Gmail, it needs to be a functional and efficient place to work. I still may not be taking advantage of EVERY useful add-on and feature now, but over the past year I’ve developed a useful system for optimizing my inbox, and I wanted to share the tips that I?
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Mental Health: Staying Healthy During the Pandemic and Beyond

By Hanna Janols

May is mental health awareness month.  Health and wellness is important to everyone more than ever — especially these days. Below are tips that I find helpful to keep up with overall mental and physical health.   Throughout the pandemic, there has been a lot of talk about mental health related topics and how many have been affected in some way during this time. The vast majority of people have gone through major changes in their reality over the last few years - from leaving offices and adj