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The Influencer Effect

The Influencer Effect: Tips To Incorporate Influencers Into Campaigns

By Samantha Esparza

The rise of popular apps such as TikTok and Instagram prompted many companies, organizations, and national brands to seek alternative ways to target a younger generation of consumers. Many turn to social media influencers to accomplish this goal. Social media influencers hold power over many younger consumers because Millennials and Generation Z trust influencers' thoughts and opinions about a product or service. Most people on social media follow a particular influencer and feel like they know
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Drupal Updates 2021

By Art Williams

It is a significant time in the life of a Drupal website. End-of-life (EOL) for Drupal 8 (D8) was November 2021 and Drupal 7 (D7) will reach EOL in November 2023. If you are wondering why Drupal 8 would end prior to Drupal 7, that’s a fair question. But before we look into the answer, it’s important to understand what End-Of-Life means.   What does End-Of-Life mean for software? Simply put, after EOL there is no more official support for that version of the software.   The Drupal Security
A city park with a community gathering to clean up litter

Launching a Successful Community Improvement Initiative

By Ashley Landers

Recently we helped our partners, the San Antonio River Authority, launch their anti-litter initiative. A year in the making, it started when residents received a bad report on the amount of litter that ends up in area creeks and rivers. Reflecting on how much work went into making this trash outreach initiative a success, below are a few tips that could apply to any public service effort. 1. Elicit Emotion: Give people a reason to care. Focus on how the issue collectively impacts the community.
A person on a laptop with screens behind them with targeted advertisements

Are You Following Me? The Reality of Behavioral Retargeting

By Brenda Gonzales

Have you ever had the feeling that you are being followed while casually browsing around on the internet? You spot a beautiful cashmere sweater on your favorite retail website and place it in your shopping cart for safekeeping, only to move onto Facebook to spot a big, bold ad with the exact same sweater you put in your shopping cart.  I can attest that this has happened to me many times — dozens of Kendra Scott jewelry ads seem to find me everywhere I go online. I say this as I turn to my je
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8 Tips to Power Up Google Searches

By Texas Creative

When companies come to Texas Creative for help with reputation management, our first strategy is to perform a comprehensive Google search to explore what type of information about the client is out there. I thought we were thorough at SEO research until I stumbled upon a Twitter post by Chris Hladczuk (@chrishlad) that walked through the “8 Googling Tips You Probably Don’t Know”. I will share his tips below. These tips offer great efficiency when trying to find the things you want and avo