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Pluralists, The New Normal

By Ashley Landers

In case you missed part one, read it here. When you ask someone to define what normal looks like, their answer will probably give you insight into their generation. Here are a few things that have evolved over time to what is now defined as the “new normal”, and what it all means to your marketing plan. The Family — Previous generations: a mom, a dad, two kids and a dog. For Pluralists (Generation Z or GenZ): Two moms (one Caucasian, one multiracial), each having carried one child via in v
Generation Z - What Comes Next?

When you reach the end of the alphabet, what comes next?

By Ashley Landers

As a mother, I can’t help but hear Generation Z and immediately think World War Z or the Zombie Apocalypse. Maybe, like every stereotyped aging person from past generations, I’m also frightened by children today — their fashion sense, their technological influence or their absolute disregard for privacy. But being in the ad business — scratch that — the culture business, I find myself intrigued with the idea of what’s next.  Whether sourced from curiosity or fear, I can’t hel

Fresh (and ancient) perspectives on the evolution of brands

By Josh Norman

Creative people have a knack for finding inspiration in unexpected places, and for following lines of thinking into new spaces. It’s an effective way to keep unique ideas flowing, even if some of them turn out to be useless. The hunt is always on, though: What’s the one great concept that could make a single piece of creative or an entire advertising campaign exceptional? I recently started handpicking audiobooks that I would listen to while driving to and from work each day. I was surprised

How to get the most out of your graphic designer

By Kelley Olmedo

Transitioning from traditional academic to design courses during college was difficult after years of being told exactly what to do by teachers. I was suddenly given free reign and encouraged to just “be creative.” In hindsight though, the more years I put into design, the more I realized it was never truly free reign; I simply needed to adjust to solving problems creatively instead of academically, and like other designers, my straight forward, black and white approach subtlety transitioned
Chocolate cake drizzled in chocolate syrup

Media mix: A recipe for advertising success

By Texas Creative

Success in the kitchen is directly related to the cook’s ability to read and prepare a brilliant recipe. One wrong ingredient, incorrect measurement or miscalculation and you hit the FAIL button and, in turn, probably post a humorous picture of your disaster on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. The same goes with media planning. It’s all in the mix. In today’s media market, there’s a lot of discussion about where new media — the digital frontier aka the online ramp to consumer heaven ?