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A city park with a community gathering to clean up litter

Launching a Successful Community Improvement Initiative

By Ashley Landers

Recently we helped our partners, the San Antonio River Authority, launch their anti-litter initiative. A year in the making, it started when residents received a bad report on the amount of litter that ends up in area creeks and rivers. Reflecting on how much work went into making this trash outreach initiative a success, below are a few tips that could apply to any public service effort. 1. Elicit Emotion: Give people a reason to care. Focus on how the issue collectively impacts the community.
A person on a laptop with screens behind them with targeted advertisements

Are You Following Me? The Reality of Behavioral Retargeting

By Brenda Gonzales

Have you ever had the feeling that you are being followed while casually browsing around on the internet? You spot a beautiful cashmere sweater on your favorite retail website and place it in your shopping cart for safekeeping, only to move onto Facebook to spot a big, bold ad with the exact same sweater you put in your shopping cart.  I can attest that this has happened to me many times — dozens of Kendra Scott jewelry ads seem to find me everywhere I go online. I say this as I turn to m
Adapt Your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

Four Ways to Adapt Your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

By Rebecca Czarobski

As much as I’ve tried to avoid writing my blog on anything relating to COVID-19, here we are. I struggled at first with knowing what advice I could give that was helpful and not wanting to dwell on what’s going on. Then I realized somewhere along the way that the things we’ve been doing every day for our clients for the last month are real life “how to adapt your marketing strategy during unusual times” tips. So, based on what I’ve been doing and seeing over the last month, here are
4 Steps to Integrated Marketing Strategies

Integrated Marketing Strategies

By Texas Creative

Have you ever seen a piece of creative and thought - where the heck did that come from? Was it totally off brand? Well, it’s time we talked about Integrated Marketing Strategies and why they are so important.  An Integrated Marketing Strategy is defined by coordinating creative strategy and messaging across several tactics throughout a marketing plan. By creating a unified experience for consumers to interact with your brand, you are controlling and honing in on exactly what you want the
Managing an Effective Retainer Budget

Managing an Effective Retainer Budget

By Texas Creative

In advertising, time is money. There is nothing worse than finding out that a client’s project is going to cost more than anticipated. We feel disappointed in ourselves, and worst of all, you might have a seriously unhappy client. Managing an efficient budget is one key way of building a trusting client relationship. So, how do we make sure that we keep our client's trust and budgets in the green? 1. Talk About It: Talking about money can be an uncomfortable subject. American Author Emily Post
Brand Advocacy

Find Your Purpose. Build Your Advocates.

By Ashley Landers

What is brand advocacy? Why is it important to turn customers into advocates? Where do I begin? When what you’re selling is no longer “bought,” but “bought into.” When your company moves from a Brand to a Stand, people can stand with you. This blog shares 3 tips for helping companies create brand advocates by starting with a purpose. I’ll start by referencing a book that inspired most of what I’m writing. I was able to see Joey Reiman speak when I worked with General Mills a f
Lead with Strategy Into the New Year

Lead with Strategy Into the New Year

By Krystal Vela

TXC Philosophy: Lead with Strategy. Elevate Through Design. Implement Through Technical Expertise. A marketing plan is only as strong as the strategy behind it and ensures that there is a clear direction for creative design and all of the tactical efforts that are to follow.  Our COO, Jamie Allen, recently made a speech at our Christmas party and one of her high points focused on how Texas Creative has evolved from a tactical agency into a strategic marketing agency over the past several ye
Using Social Media to Establish Thought-Leadership

Using Social Media to Establish Thought-Leadership: The Costs and Benefits

By Texas Creative

Often times, social media is overlooked for B2B marketing. It is seen as a tool for businesses to reach consumers, not other businesses. However, the truth is when people are on social media, they are looking for content that provides value to their lives — at home and at work. When looking at B2B marketing, some of the most valuable content you can create is content that educates. Just think about it: How often are you looking for information regarding your industry? Whether reading about bes
Conducting a Photography RFP

Conducting a Photography RFP: Keep the competition fair and respectful.

By Texas Creative

I  appreciate the talent of a good photographer. It’s a profession that deserves a lot of respect because to make a livelihood out of it requires a lot of talent, business savvy, and hard work. Technology drives the industry and that particular field is constantly evolving. It’s an art form that I personally once toyed with making my career, but it was not in the master plan for me. Instead, I found myself working in the advertising industry where I regularly hire photographers to creat
Who to Hire for Your Social Media

Make The Right Move: Who to Hire for Your Social Media

By Texas Creative

Chances are you’re on at least one of the many social media platforms, and you’re not alone—69% of the American population have a presence on at least one of them. And as a business owner, you also understand the need to get your company out there so by default you also know you’ve got to get on social media. Where do you start? Facebook has the highest number of users while Twitter’s demographics are largely college educated and live in cities. If your brand does well visually maybe y