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A Day in the Life At An Advertising Agency

A Day in the Life

By David Parker

“How was your day?” If your answer is, “Same as yesterday,” you definitely don’t work here. A day in the life of a vibrant marketing firm like ours is, to say the very least, diverse. Each is a one-off, replete with unique challenges and new opportunities to wrap our minds around the marketing needs of a myriad of different businesses, industries, services and philanthropies. If variety is the spice of life, we’re one very zesty organization. On a daily basis, we’re channeling our
Cancer Has Resurfaced Again

My Cancer Has Resurfaced Again

By Texas Creative

After 10 months of remission, my CANCER is back. When you get the news that it’s returned, you think that the results are incorrect; you did all of the treatments to fight the cancer, how and why is it back?. Then you have to move forward and plan for how to fight this yet again. My plan is this: doctors visits, bloodwork and chemo treatments to attack the cancer again, and this time, conquer it.     Because of the last two and a half years of my life, I have come in contac
Small Things Small and Big Things Big

Keep Small Things Small and Big Things Big

By Texas Creative

The cornerstone of success for every ad agency is the ability to establish, build and maintain mutually beneficial long-term relationships with clients. We all know the pursuit of new business is a constant challenge for every agency. So when you win an account it's extremely important to take good care of that relationship. The life blood of the working relationship is financial. Hence, my philosophy of keeping small things small and big things big. The client has selected your agency to help g
Texas Creative Work Chameleon

Why Become A Chameleon at Work? 10 Tips How it Can Benefit You

By Carlene Calkins

Being a chameleon in the workplace can be quite beneficial for you and your employer. For starters, really get to know your place of business and what makes it work. I’ve had six positions in the past 10 plus years within Texas Creative and have learned a lot in that time. Secondly, give of yourself. Put your best foot forward and in return you will be rewarded. A good work ethic speaks volumes and gets noticed. I’m pleased that my employer saw this in me and presented me with new opportunit
Photoshop Puppet Warp Tool

Straighten Paper Garland Using Photoshop’s Puppet Warp Tool

By Josh Norman

It has been obvious since the debut of Adobe Photoshop in 1990 that its possible uses would be endless, particularly since the introduction of layers in Photoshop way back in 1994. In 2013, Photoshop introduced Puppet Warp, a feature that lets you select areas of an image, add pivot points, and move parts of the image like a manikin figurine. (The feature has since been added to Illustrator, too, for editing vector shapes.) I recently used this feature to straighten an image of paper garland tha
Healthy Desk Job Habits

5 Healthy Desk Job Habits

By Hanna Janols

Prior to working at Texas Creative, I worked a retail job. This meant being on my feet for 8 hours or more throughout my day. When I started my new job, let me say, I was quite excited about having a desk and a chair. As an active person, I started wondering about how sitting down all day would affect my health. After some research, which was quite shocking to say the least, the statistics are anything other than positive. That in turn did encourage me to do some research about what you can do t
Numbers in a Creative World

A Numbers Girl in a Creative World

By Jenifer Crader

Working at an advertising agency can be an interesting experience for a gal like me, a gal grounded in numbers, statistics, and the bottom line, hidden in an office full of creative minds. Often times I wonder, “Is it possible to transform from the analytical into the world of the imagination?” Working in an agency setting has inspired me to try and change my way of approach at times and try to get inspired in new ways. See 5 tips below for helping expand past the analytical and into the cre
Texas Creative Creativity


By Kelley Olmedo

I am told on a regular basis by a client or coworker that they are “not creative” as a way to casually dismiss the ideas they have come to me with. It is true that not all ideas work when it gets down to the nitty-gritty of design (i.e. Craft), but the process of sifting through your mental history to conjure an idea is creativity whether you realize it or not. The first two dictionary definitions of the adjective word creative are: 1. having the quality or power of creating 2. resulting fro
A New Year, An Old Spirit.

A New Year, An Old Spirit.

By Ashley Landers

As we’re all getting settled into January with big hopes and dreams for what 2019 will bring, I’m reminded of the phrase “out with the old, in with the new”. There’s one area in business that statement tends to ring most true come January -- focusing on financials. Companies can get fixated with a new calendar year. Once their financial year closes, they can be quick to forget what we were all reveling in just a few weeks ago: the spirit of the holidays—a spirit of giving and of serv

Calc(): Math On-The-Fly In Your CSS

By Jaime Contreras

What web developer or web UX designer does not love the power and flexibility of CSS to position an element. There are so many approaches available, like flexbox, grids, and columns that automatically adjust layouts. Recently, I made a new friend in the CSS world. I’m proud to share with you, “calc()”. calc(), yes like the name suggests, CSS calculations on-the-fly!!  (Wah!?!?!) The most common situation for using calc() that we run across is when a sibling element needs to act like